AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-10Do not use ':' as a namespace separator with expatHEADmasterlouiz’
2021-11-22Follow-up of the previous on: also catch that on recv eventslouiz’
2021-11-22Catch all botan exception when sending data, not just TLSlouiz’
2021-01-15Use recipient-unavailable when we are not connected to the IRC serverlouiz’
2021-01-15sasl: Use the nick from the presence if the ad-hoc one is not setlouiz’
2021-01-14Print each e2e test output on only one linelouiz’
2021-01-12Typo poezioilouiz’
2021-01-11Only clone things using, and not git.louiz.orglouiz’
2021-01-11docker: use botan package from alpine instead of building from sourceslouiz’
2021-01-09Typos: negociat… -> negotiat…louiz’
2020-12-28Remove .clang-format filelouiz’
2020-12-28fix localtime call -> _rlouiz’ is no more, remove its configurationEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-09-23Changelog for -t featurelouiz’
2020-09-23Little code simplification for conf_filenamelouiz’
2020-09-23CLI: Add a test config flagFélix Baylac-Jacqué
2020-09-23Update the changelog for the private message changeslouiz’
2020-09-23Trivial comment change in an e2e testlouiz’
2020-09-23Entirely remove the code for the “preferred_from” nicklouiz’
2020-09-23Do not mark message to bare JID private/no-copyGeorg Lukas
2020-09-23Always send direct messages to the user’s bare JIDJonas Schäfer
2020-09-23Start version 10.0louiz’
2020-09-23Merge branch 'v9'louiz’
2020-09-22Release version 9.09.0v9louiz’
2020-08-16Merge branch 'v9'louiz’
2020-08-16In CAP messages, handle the last arg as a list of capabilitieslouiz’
2020-08-16Fix the parsing of IRC messages, especially with trailing spaceslouiz’
2020-08-15Fix the archlinux url in Dockerfilelouiz’
2020-08-12Handle SASL failures by displaying a message and aborting the connection9.0-rc1louiz’
2020-08-12Document the SASL featurelouiz’
2020-07-29Conditionally compile the SASL code only with botan and databaselouiz’
2020-06-15e2e: do not fail to start if no irc database exist yetlouiz’
2020-06-15Implement SASL plain authenticationlouiz’
2020-05-26Add a missing ostream includelouiz’
2020-05-22ci: Do not fail the packaging:rpm job if test:fedora did not runlouiz’
2020-05-22ci: do not allow packaging jobs to faillouiz’
2020-05-21ci: Install the correct rtd_theme package, not the documentation…louiz’
2020-05-21ci: use the container tag instead of docker, for the build stepslouiz’
2020-05-21ci: Add sphinx_rtd_theme to fedora image to build the doclouiz’
2020-05-21ci: Use fedora:latest instead of doc-builder and fedora:oragonolouiz’
2020-05-09Merge branch 'v8'louiz’
2020-05-09Release version 8.58.5v8louiz’
2020-05-09e2e: Switch from coroutines to async, for python3.8louiz’
2020-05-09Fix clang warnings on some utils function. It’s also fasterlouiz’
2020-05-09Fix a std::move() warning with clanglouiz’
2020-05-09Fix a compile error with gcc 10louiz’
2020-05-07Run the test against the oragono imageslouiz’
2020-05-06e2e: accept a regexp version of oragono, not just 2.0.0louiz’
2020-05-06Update the test docker images to contain oragono instead of charybdislouiz’
2020-05-05ci: Use fedora:oragono imagelouiz’