AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-09WIP: e2e doce2e-doclouiz’
2019-11-06Make is_empty work with any integral typelouiz’
2019-11-06Remove a useless std::move() and copylouiz’
2019-11-06Add a missing max_history_length field in the IRC server option formlouiz’
2019-11-06Properly set the default values for invalid integer conf optionslouiz’
2019-11-06e2e: Test the behaviour on bad integer value for ad-hoc confslouiz’
2019-11-06Remove a useless “givin up” debug linelouiz’
2019-11-06Add a test for MAM without an “end” valuelouiz’
2019-11-06Use the right int64 type for INTEGER rows in the dblouiz’
2019-10-31Split all the e2e tests in their own fileslouiz’
2019-10-10ci: only run build:freebsd on louiz’ repositorylouiz’
2019-09-27Use return {...} instead of make_tuplelouiz’
2019-09-27Add a missing "virtual", and remove a trivial "private" redundancylouiz’
2019-09-26Add the svg logolouiz’
2019-09-23Remove a duplicate e2e testlouiz’
2019-09-23Mark all rooms as non-anonymouslouiz’
2019-09-23Add tests for non anonymous roomslouiz’
2019-09-23Trivial little naming changeslouiz’
2019-09-23Trivial cleanuplouiz’
2019-09-23Add a missing pragma oncelouiz’
2019-09-23USe safer functions, gmtime_r and localtime_rlouiz’
2019-09-22Always add a 210 status in our self join presencelouiz’
2019-09-22Expect a 210 code in the "change nick on join" e2e testlouiz’
2019-09-19rpm: force sphinx-build-3 binary to be usedlouiz’
2019-09-19ci: alpine image, create the tls key with the correct user and permissionslouiz’
2019-09-18Update the e2e test to work with latest slixmpplouiz’
2019-09-17ci: remove the packaging:deb joblouiz’
2019-09-17Update the images and .spec to use sphinx instead of pandoclouiz’
2019-09-17Fix the argument list for SETUP_TARGET_FOR_COVERAGE cmake functionlouiz’
2019-09-17ci: Add a junit output to test_suite and give it to gitlablouiz’
2019-09-16ci: Remove the doc:deploy:mr job because gitlab is too brokenlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: simplify freebsd test, also add “needs”louiz’
2019-09-15ci: do not trigger the archlinux job on louiz’ branches, only scheduleslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: explicitely set the freebsd compiler to clang++louiz’
2019-09-15ci: make the archlinux build on schedules onlylouiz’
2019-09-15Ci: split freebsd into build+testlouiz’
2019-09-15Properly build and install the man page, also in the rpmlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Add a job to deploy the doc for MRslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Rename deploy jobslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: only run the build and test jobs if sources changedlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: use the "extends" key instead of the ugly anchor syntaxlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Add "needs" in the test stagelouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Only run the archlinux test on triggerslouiz’
2019-09-14Update the tests to reflect the next->complete changelouiz’
2019-09-14Use a “complete” action for the last step of ad-hoc commands instead of nextlouiz’
2019-09-09Actually fix that correctly instead of the oppositelouiz’
2019-09-09Remove trailing / of fulljids if IRC host is missinglouiz’
2019-09-09Fix a few dates in the spec filelouiz’
2019-08-30Add an error message for udns error DNS_E_NODATAlouiz’
2019-08-25Properly re-convert \01ACTION into a /me when reflected to the senderlouiz’