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+.. image::
+ :alt: Poezio logo
+ :width: 200
+|pipeline| |python versions| |license|
Forge Page:
-Poezio is a console Jabber/XMPP client. Its goal is to use anonymous
-connections to simply let the user join MultiUserChats. This way, the user
-doesn't have to create a Jabber account, exactly like people are using
-IRC. Poezio's commands are designed to be (if possible) like commonly
-used IRC clients (weechat, irssi, etc).
+Poezio is a console Jabber/XMPP client. The initial goal was to provide a
+way of connecting easily to XMPP without the need for an account, exactly like
+IRC clients. Poezio's commands are also designed to be close, if possible,
+to the ones commonly used in IRC clients (weechat, irssi, etc).
-Since version 0.7, poezio can handle real Jabber accounts along with
-roster and one-to-one conversations, making it a full-featured console
-Jabber client, but still MultiUserChats-centered.
-In the future, poezio should implement at a 100% level all XEP related to
-MUCs, especially XEP 0045.
+For this reason, the experience is still centered around chatrooms, despite
+poezio being a full-featured XMPP client for a very long while.
+The stable version of poezio is packaged in
+`a number of GNU/Linux (and OpenBSD) distributions <>`_.
+If it is not packaged in your distribution, you can run the
+`flatpak <>`_ or use pip
+to install the package from `Pypi <>`_.
+From git
+`Documentation <>`_
-You need python 3.5 or higher (preferably the latest) and the associated devel
+You need python 3.7 or higher (preferably the latest) and the associated devel
package, to build C modules, and the slixmpp python library.
You also need aiodns if you want SRV record support.
-Additionally, you’ll need sphinx to build the documentation pages.
-To read the documentation without these dependancies just read the rst
-files in the doc/source/ directory or the generated documentation on the
-The simplest way to have up-to-date dependencies and to be able to test
+The easiest way to have up-to-date dependencies and to be able to test
this developement version is to use the ```` script that downloads
them, places them in the right directory, and builds the C module.
@@ -39,7 +56,6 @@ You can then launch poezio with
$ ./
-you can now simply launch ``poezio``
You can edit the configuration file which is located in
``~/.config/poezio/poezio.cfg`` by default, and you will have to copy
@@ -58,21 +74,23 @@ Please DO report any bug you encounter and ask for any feature you want
(we may implement it or not, but it’s always better to ask).
- Florent Le Coz (louiz’) <> (developer)
- Mathieu Pasquet (mathieui) <> (developer)
- Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (Link Mauve) <> (developer)
+- Maxime Buquet (pep.) <> (developer)
-Jabber ChatRoom: ` <>`_
+Jabber chat room: ` <>`_
+(`web chat`_)
Report a bug:
Poezio is Free Software.
(learn more:
@@ -81,25 +99,25 @@ Poezio is released under the zlib License.
Please read the COPYING file for details.
The artwork logo was made by Gaëtan Ribémont and released under
-the Creative Commons BY license (
+the `Creative Commons BY license <>`_.
If you want to contribute, you will be welcome on
-` <>`_ to announce your
-ideas, what you are going to do, or to seek help if you have trouble
-understanding some of the code.
+` <>`_ (`web chat`_)
+to announce your ideas, what you are going to do, or to seek help if you have
+trouble understanding some of the code.
The preferred way to submit changes is through a merge request on gitlab,
at, but we also accept contributions
on github, or with a simple “please fetch my code on my personal git
-repository hosted somewhere”
+repository hosted somewhere”.
- People:
- Todd Eisenberger - Plugin system and OTR support
@@ -124,3 +142,15 @@ Thanks
- FlashCode (weechat dev) - Useful advices on how to use ncurses efficiently
- And all the people using and testing poezio, and especially the ones present
on the jabber chatroom doing bug reports and/or feature requests.
+.. |pipeline| image::
+.. |python versions| image::
+.. |license| image::
+.. |discuss| image::
+ :target:
+.. _web chat: