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Add option to show only the unique prefix of tab names
When the set of tabs used fluctuate, the memory of which number belongs to which chat becomes difficult to work with. Non-numbers can be used to navigate tabs with `/win`, however, it is difficult to know which letters are required to select a certain tab. This option introduces a display mode for tab names where only the unique prefix of the tab name is shown, saving space and providing with a minimal string which can be used with `/win`.
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@@ -548,6 +548,13 @@ use_bookmarks_method =
# “true” should be the most comfortable value
#lazy_resize = true
+# If set to true and if show_tab_names is set, the info bar will only show
+# the unique prefix of each tab name instead of the full name. This saves a
+# lot of space if many tabs exist or are active.
+# Best used with the `/wup` command or the `_go_to_room_name` action to select
+# a tab based on the prefix.
+#unique_prefix_tab_names = false
# Bindings are keyboard shortcut aliases. You can use them
# to define your own keys and bind them with some functions