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Remove the resource option from the configuration.
It’s considered bad practice nowadays to force a specific resource, it can lead to presence leaks or reconnection loops so should be avoided. Moreover this was already possible in the jid option, by setting it to user@domain/resource, setting it would append it a second time in that case.
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diff --git a/data/default_config.cfg b/data/default_config.cfg
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--- a/data/default_config.cfg
+++ b/data/default_config.cfg
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
# account on a server. This is optional and useful only for some features,
# like room administration, nickname registration.
# The 'server' option will be ignored if you specify a JID (Jabber identifier)
-# It should be in the form nickname@server.tld
+# It should be in the form nickname@server.tld or nickname@server.tld/resource
jid =
# A password is needed only if you specified a jid. It will be ignored otherwise
@@ -49,12 +49,6 @@ highlight_on =
# Colon-separated list of plugins to load on startup
plugins_autoload =
-# the resource you will use
-# If it's empty, your resource will be chosen (most likely randomly) by the server
-# It is not recommended to use a resource that is easy to guess, because it can lead
-# to presence leak.
-resource =
# The server used for anonymous connection.
# Make sure the server you're using accepts anonymous authentication
#server =