AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-01Test to use slots instead of namedtuplesslots_testmathieui
2013-03-01Fix #2231 (update the plugins to use the new help system)mathieui
2013-03-01Do not ping twice in private tabsmathieui
2013-03-01Improve the ping pluginmathieui
2013-03-01Fix #2226 (TB on /activity)mathieui
2013-02-28Remove frugalware from the distros with support and add gentoomathieui
2013-02-28Remove a debug that floods too muchmathieui
2013-02-28Fix a traceback due to a sleekxmpp API changemathieui
2013-02-28Fix signal handlingmathieui
2013-02-27Improve XEP-0308 supportmathieui
2013-02-21Fix the background color of some messagesmathieui
2013-02-15Fix a potential traceback on /ignoremathieui
2013-02-13Add an indicator of the number of participantsmathieui
2013-02-11Do not add a space after /unignore completionmathieui
2013-02-03Fix the folding of contacts in multiple groupsmathieui
2013-02-03Add a key (Alt+d) de delete the next word in the input.Florent Le Coz
2013-02-03Remove some useless keys, and change the keys to scroll the info win.Florent Le Coz
2013-02-03Fix a traceback on the completion of /correctmathieui
2013-02-01Fix a traceback with the Ping pluginmathieui
2013-01-29Fix a tb on /accept. Make sure jid is a JID object, not an str.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-29make the options in the config files case sensitive.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-29scroll_to_separator now scrolls to the top if there’s no separator.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-29Makes next_hl and prev_hl work after a scroll_to_separator.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-28Do not open new useless tabs with /messagemathieui
2013-01-28fix the completion of jids for /messagemathieui
2013-01-26Add XEP 296 to the list of supported XEP.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-26Add the color of the resource (for dynamic conversations) in the dark theme.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-26Remove a single trailing space. hihi.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-26Add an /unlock command to manually unlock a DynamicConversationTab.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-26Implement XEP 296 for locking resource in conversations.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-23Don’t rebuild the lines on resize when the width has not changedmathieui
2013-01-21Fix it for real.mathieui
2013-01-21Fix a traceback when a tab failed to be joined in the first placemathieui
2013-01-21Break the ugly roster refresh loop into twomathieui
2013-01-19Fix get_version and get_room_formmathieui
2013-01-19Also add the image…mathieui
2013-01-19Add some documentation about message correctionmathieui
2013-01-18Use the new command scheme in plugins toomathieui
2013-01-18Open tabs for rooms without autojoin (but do not join them)mathieui
2013-01-17Change the SleekXMPP git url to use the better git:// protocolFlorent Le Coz
2013-01-17Fix a (hidden) tracebackmathieui
2013-01-17Update the installation instructionsmathieui
2013-01-17Refresh the rooster when canceling the search.Florent Le Coz
2013-01-17Move to the upstream SleekXMPPmathieui
2013-01-11Improve the xml tabmathieui
2013-01-07Fix the behaviour of /move_tabmathieui
2013-01-07fix a tb on /acceptFlorent Le Coz
2013-01-06Improve the help system (#1986)mathieui
2013-01-05Update the gnupg wrapper - Fix #2162mathieui
2013-01-05Do not display messages if they have an empty body after the hookmathieui