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2014-04-15Fix #2440 (highlight composing tabs)mathieui
2014-04-09Fix the dark theme with the new “non-empty-input tabs”mathieui
2014-04-07Fix #2354 (logs are badly colored with xhtml history)mathieui
2013-08-10Forgot the for the poezio_themes packagemathieui
2013-03-10fix the color of the scrolled tab with the dark thememathieui
2013-01-26Add the color of the resource (for dynamic conversations) in the dark theme.Florent Le Coz
2012-12-17Fix the color of the information text in the dark plugin.Florent Le Coz
2012-12-15Introduce a special "reverse" value for the COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_NICK theme option.Florent Le Coz
2012-01-27Add ATTENTION colors to dark themeFlorent Le Coz
2011-11-16Update the dark theme for the vertical tabs.Florent Le Coz
2011-09-30add color for participant none in dark themeFlorent Le Coz
2011-09-25Create dark theme with 256 colours supportFlorent Le Coz
2011-09-25Default theme is now ok, I thinkFlorent Le Coz
2011-09-12Add a color state for disconnected rooms (Fixes #2166)mathieui
2011-03-29Change the highlight color of the default themeFlorent Le Coz
2011-03-29Fix the highlight (now the nick is colored, not the message itself)Florent Le Coz
2011-03-29Change how colors are handled. With \x19x etcFlorent Le Coz
2011-02-13Make it possible to define bold in the theme filesFlorent Le Coz
2011-01-12Update CHANGELOG and s/ Le Coz
2011-01-12Finish the two default themesFlorent Le Coz
2010-09-11this time it should be ok :^)louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-09-11only have 64 colours, so everything works fine on every terminal, even on tmu...louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-08-22Well, and add the theme, btwlouiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-08-22also thislouiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13