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2022-08-21mypy: Type some more thingsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2022-04-10Ensure we only ignore our own reflections in 1:1Maxime “pep” Buquet
2022-04-06Abort reflection in 1:1 with own jidMaxime “pep” Buquet
2022-04-05ConversationTab: don't display comma in /info if no statusMaxime “pep” Buquet
2022-03-31OneToOneTab: convert init_logs to asyncMaxime “pep” Buquet
2022-03-23fix: do not triplicate messages on /message tab openingsmathieui
2022-03-23internal: make command_say asyncmathieui
2022-02-25clean: remove unused importsmathieui
2022-02-25internal: remove unused get_text_windowmathieui
2022-02-25internal: make the other message handlers asyncmathieui
2022-02-06internal: make most core.handlers asyncmathieui
2021-07-02fix: improve typingmathieui
2021-06-26fix: fallback to server jid in conversationtabmathieui
2021-06-22Fix the message doubling situationmathieui
2021-04-16fix: split inactive chatstates from message in one to one tabsmathieui
2021-04-15fix: display issue when changing show_timestamps valuemathieui
2021-04-12fix: remove all remaining safejids (fix #3457)mathieui
2021-04-11internal: make mam_sync and use_log use tab-specific optionsmathieui
2021-04-11internal: make the MAMFiller an attribute of ChatTabsmathieui
2021-04-02logging: Remove the "typ" passing when adding or logging messagesmathieui
2021-04-02fix: last_sent_message for conversation tabmathieui
2021-04-02fix: uniformize command_say signaturemathieui
2021-02-03private/conversationtabs: update /version to be without callbackmathieui
2020-12-12from __future__ import annotationsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-05-23ChatTab: make set text_win in constructor (typing)mathieui
2020-05-09Pass a message to add_message instead of messed up kwargs everywheremathieui
2020-04-05/correct: send new-style LMCMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-23Remove display code from command_saymathieui
2019-04-29ConversationTab: fix undefined reference, missing selfMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-27*ConversationTab: Use jid parameter instead of name where appropriateMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-19Refresh tab when information element is added or removedMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-08Revert work on tabs module to change to JID.Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-07poezio/tabs: Fix jid types for base tabs contructorsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-03-24Corrects the functionality of /add command in all tabs. Fixes #3395Madhur Garg
2019-03-19Change 'his/her' to 'their'Kim Alvefur
2019-03-19Fix various spelling mistakes throughout the codeKim Alvefur
2018-12-16Add /invite for ConversationTab to generate new room with all inviteesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2018-08-15Fix mypy errors, add type annotationsmathieui
2018-08-12Update the OTR pluginmathieui
2018-07-21yapf -ripmathieui
2018-03-14Factorise the /version callback and make it handle errorsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-20Update documentation (& formatting)mathieui
2018-01-13yapf -irmathieui
2017-11-24Remove bogus checks for resource features.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-23Update the documentation to reflect the removal of features.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-23Remove all remote_wants_chatstates logic, keep the stubs.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-23Remove resource locking in DynamicConversationTab.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-12yapf -irmathieui
2017-10-12Fix some excepts (bare, useless, unused)mathieui
2017-10-12Actually fix what the previous commit should have fixedmathieui