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2021-07-02tests: fix expected get_by_tabname input typemathieui
2021-04-12fix: remove all remaining safejids (fix #3457)mathieui
2021-04-11tests: Fix testsmathieui
2021-04-11tests: update logger testmathieui
2021-04-03fix: logger: improve typing, globals and testsmathieui
2021-04-02fix: failing testsmathieui
2021-04-02tests: use named parameters for user testmathieui
2021-02-17muc: remove non-deterministic nick colorsmathieui
2020-12-26Fix a warning when running tests.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-08-14move date and time SHORT_FORMAT and LONG_FORMAT to the themeMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-28Minimal tests for User classMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-23Fix some edge cases of MAM history fetchmathieui
2020-05-23Add tests for text_buffermathieui
2020-05-12Add function to find a tab by unique prefixJonas Schäfer
2020-05-12Add function to calculate unique prefix of two stringsJonas Schäfer
2020-05-09Fix tests for message renderingmathieui
2020-05-09Pass a message to add_message instead of messed up kwargs everywheremathieui
2020-05-09Add tests for ui-related funcsmathieui
2020-05-09Fix an issue in xmllog rendering due to wrong offsetmathieui
2020-05-09Add tests for the new modulesmathieui
2019-02-07logger: Log the JID during a parsing error.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-12-15I give upmathieui
2018-09-10Tabs: add test for slice supportMaxime “pep” Buquet
2018-08-11Tests: make dummy tabs still inherit tabs.Tabmathieui
2018-07-23Fix unittests for python 3.5mathieui
2018-07-22Fix close_all and change_title pluginsmathieui
2018-07-21Add tests for the new tabs modulemathieui
2018-07-21Fix the config testsmathieui
2017-11-21Refactor to make it more testablemathieui
2017-11-14Make italics workmathieui
2017-10-14Fix xhtml tests, and add tests with css disabledmathieui
2017-10-14Remove some unused importsmathieui
2017-10-12Improve the poopt testmathieui
2017-10-11Add a poopt.cut_text multiline unit testmathieui
2017-10-08Change all “not … in …” into “… not in …”.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-10-07Fix testsmathieui
2017-09-28Rename parse_message_line to parse_log_linemathieui
2017-09-28Add a simple test casemathieui
2016-08-21Update testsmathieui
2016-06-12Update testsmathieui
2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-12-18Add a unit test for input completionmathieui
2014-12-08Improve the xhtml_to_poezio_colors sanitizationmathieui
2014-11-02Make install the deps in a venv, and use themmathieui
2014-10-29Add some testsmathieui
2014-10-27Add some unit tests using py.testmathieui