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2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Only allow fast-forwardsNicolas Braud-Santoni
2015-09-05Make the venv use system resources as wellmathieui
(workaround and fix aiodns since the interface will change due to the new pycares version.
2015-05-21Update the pip inside the venvmathieui
2015-01-24Add a check to abort early if the pyvenv command needed in ↵mathieui
doesn’t exist
2015-01-15Make use of the $POEZIO_VENV and $POEZIO_VENV_COMMAND env variables if they ↵mathieui
exist (instead of having the user edit the scripts to tailor it to their needs)
2014-12-15Check the py3k version AFTER loading the virtualenvmathieui
2014-11-30Add a check for the python version in the scriptsmathieui
2014-11-29Make the update script pull from mastermathieui
2014-11-13Change the scriptmathieui
use . instead of source and add a var for the pyvenv command
2014-11-12Add a message to if there is a src/slixmpp directorymathieui
if someone will ever read it
2014-11-02Make install the deps in a venv, and use themmathieui
simplifies the script and avoid cluttering the poezio/ directory. also fix an unrelated test with slixmpp
2014-07-30Fix the git pull in update.shFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-24Use slixmppFlorent Le Coz
2013-03-07Make the script posix-compliantmathieui
2013-03-06Upgrade to stop when an update failsmathieui
(and tell what is failing)
2013-01-17Move to the upstream SleekXMPPmathieui
- remove the decline command that is not in the trunk (and mediated declines are supported nowhere anyway) - change a bit xhtml-im support - change the bookmarks management a bit - Add a verification to avoid crashing when poezio will be launched the next time - Fix the (unrelated) bug when setting a jid affiliation
2012-10-03Fix the 2 .sh scripts shebang to /bin/sh.Florent Le Coz
2012-10-02Fix again, for bsd(re)tar(d).Florent Le Coz fix the tar arguments to work with bsdtar as well.Florent Le Coz
2012-07-24Remove the need for hg and the dnspython forkmathieui
(upstream works, now)
2011-11-08Add make in the update.shmathieui
2011-10-17actually does it correctlyFlorent Le Coz
2011-10-17fix the git pull lineFlorent Le Coz
2011-10-16update update.shFlorent Le Coz
2011-04-21Fix links in the scriptFlorent Le Coz
2011-04-17Fix one last time.Florent Le Coz
2011-04-17Fix update.shFlorent Le Coz
2011-04-16Add the udate of poezio’s sources in + comment + check of the ↵Florent Le Coz
2011-04-13Add a to download, update and install dependencies in the src dirFlorent Le Coz