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diff --git a/slixmpp/plugins/xep_0060/ b/slixmpp/plugins/xep_0060/
index 26258bc9..8e12ae92 100644
--- a/slixmpp/plugins/xep_0060/
+++ b/slixmpp/plugins/xep_0060/
@@ -260,12 +260,12 @@ class XEP_0060(BasePlugin):
jid -- The pubsub service JID.
- node -- The node to subscribe to.
+ node -- The node to unsubscribe from.
subid -- The specific subscription, if multiple subscriptions
exist for this JID/node combination.
bare -- Indicates if the subscribee is a bare or full JID.
Defaults to True for a bare JID.
- subscribee -- The JID that is subscribing to the node.
+ subscribee -- The JID that is unsubscribing from the node.
ifrom -- Specify the sender's JID.
timeout -- The length of time (in seconds) to wait for a
response before exiting the send call if blocking