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diff --git a/slixmpp/ b/slixmpp/
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--- a/slixmpp/
+++ b/slixmpp/
@@ -188,9 +188,6 @@ class ClientXMPP(BaseXMPP):
``'none'``. If set to ``'remove'``,
the entry will be deleted.
:param groups: The roster groups that contain this item.
- :param block: Specify if the roster request will block
- until a response is received, or a timeout
- occurs. Defaults to ``True``.
:param timeout: The length of time (in seconds) to wait
for a response before continuing if blocking
is used. Defaults to
@@ -205,12 +202,11 @@ class ClientXMPP(BaseXMPP):
subscription = kwargs.get('subscription', current['subscription'])
groups = kwargs.get('groups', current['groups'])
- block = kwargs.get('block', True)
timeout = kwargs.get('timeout', None)
callback = kwargs.get('callback', None)
return self.client_roster.update(jid, name, subscription, groups,
- block, timeout, callback)
+ timeout, callback)
def del_roster_item(self, jid):
"""Remove an item from the roster.