AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-03Update version and README for 1.0 release.sleek-1.01.0Lance Stout
2012-01-02Merge pull request #132 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2012-01-02Fix a typo in several files.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Merge pull request #131 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2011-12-31Remove unused import.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Ask interactively for missing command line arguments.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Remove unused imports in the examples.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Add missing import.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Add proxy docs.Lance Stout
2011-12-31Add echo component briefing.Lance Stout
2011-12-31Add docs on using Iq stanzas.Lance Stout
2011-12-30Merge pull request #130 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2011-12-30Update examples to use the block'' argument instead of the deprecated threade...Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-30Fix docstring of a method of Message stanzas.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-30Replace pydns with dnspython in the comments of the examples.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-27Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2011-12-27Merge pull request #128 from correl/rpc_value_conversion_fixLance Stout
2011-12-27Disconnect when a SyntaxError is found.Lance Stout
2011-12-20XEP-0009: Updated tests to work in python 3Correl Roush
2011-12-20Add comma to fix pubsub error conditions.Lance Stout
2011-12-20Merge pull request #125 from correl/rpc_value_conversion_fixLance Stout
2011-12-20XEP-0009: Updated RPC value conversion codeCorrel Roush
2011-12-20XEP-0009: Added value conversion unit testsCorrel Roush
2011-12-16Fixes Issue #123: Corrected boolean xml to python conversionCorrel Roush
2011-12-15Merge pull request #122 from correl/acl_check_fixLance Stout
2011-12-15Fixed Issue 93: ACL.check jid parameter should be a string valueCorrel Roush
2011-12-15Allow XEP-0082 to return datetime objects without having to format and reparse.Lance Stout
2011-12-13Use OrderedDicts instead of regular dictionaries when returning values from f...Lance Stout
2011-12-13Ensure that item fields have the proper type.Lance Stout
2011-12-12Allow disco info/items handlers to return full Iq stanzas.Lance Stout
2011-12-12Pass the Iq stanza to disco item handlers.Lance Stout
2011-12-11Fix iterable substanzas when added as normal plugin.Lance Stout
2011-12-09Use UTC for Stout
2011-12-09Allow sending stanzas on session_end.Lance Stout
2011-12-09Fix logging when loading plugins.Lance Stout
2011-12-07Prevent hang when terminating during delayed connection.Lance Stout
2011-12-05Updated last bit of core files to use new API format.Lance Stout
2011-12-05Fix example boilerplate code syntax.Lance Stout
2011-12-05More doc updatesLance Stout
2011-12-04Update the API docs for XMLStreamLance Stout
2011-12-04Add API docs for the schedulerLance Stout
2011-12-04Update api docs for handlers and matchersLance Stout
2011-12-04Update supported XEP listLance Stout
2011-12-04Update api docs for JIDLance Stout
2011-12-04Ensure that adhoc command clients have form plugin registered.Lance Stout
2011-11-28Ensure that saving a roster item includes the correct subscription value.Lance Stout
2011-11-25Send the encoded data (bytes) and not the str, on the socket.Florent Le Coz
2011-11-23Experimental support for handling SSL write errors.Lance Stout
2011-11-22Add docs for filesocketLance Stout
2011-11-22Update tostring docs, plus more doc cleanupLance Stout