AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-20misc small tweakssleek-1.0-Beta11.0-Beta1Nathan Fritz
2010-10-20pep8 fixes on core libraryNathan Fritz
2010-10-20when disconnected, reset the rosterNathan Fritz
2010-10-20reconnect if session isn't established within 15 secondsNathan Fritz
2010-10-20capture SIGHUP and SIGTERM (windows) and disconnect; also testall no longer l...Nathan Fritz
2010-10-20fixed logic error in state machineNathan Fritz
2010-10-20fixed disconnectNathan Fritz
2010-10-18Continue converting to underscored names.Lance Stout
2010-10-17Underscore names by default.Lance Stout
2010-10-17Import plugins from string referenced modules.Lance Stout
2010-10-16Cleanup, restore PEP8.Lance Stout
2010-10-17Fix the error on non-number priorityFlorent Le Coz
2010-10-17Default history is 0Florent Le Coz
2010-10-17MUC leave message and MUC history requestFlorent Le Coz
2010-10-17Remove deprecation warningsFlorent Le Coz
2010-10-17Anonymous authenticationFlorent Le Coz
2010-10-16Fixed to use py_modules in the setup call.Lance Stout
2010-10-14fixed JID to accept server/domain/host as the sameNathan Fritz
2010-10-14fixed stream test not disconnecting cleanlyNathan Fritz
2010-10-14don't import statemachineNathan Fritz
2010-10-14fixed stream testsNathan Fritz
2010-10-14deprecated jid, fulljid, server, user, resource properties and added boundjid...Nathan Fritz
2010-10-14fixed socket name collision in and fixed python 3.x compatibilityNathan Fritz
2010-10-13disconnect cleanlyNathan Fritz
2010-10-13new state machine in placeNathan Fritz
2010-10-07Added example live stream test.Lance Stout
2010-10-07SleekTest may now run against a live stream.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Corrected test errors.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Removed debug log statement.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Unit test reorganization.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Moved the pubsub tester to conn_tests.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Changed SleekTest to use underscored names.Lance Stout
2010-10-07Fixed dealing with deleting handlers.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Corrected stream header tester.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Updated method names.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Updated SleekTest and related tests.Lance Stout
2010-10-06More PEP8 compliance cleanups.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Cleaned up the Scheduler.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Fixed whitespace issue.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Updated todo list.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Moved ClientXMPP to Stout
2010-10-06Missed a few docstrings.Lance Stout
2010-10-06Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2010-10-06Made first pass at cleaning up ClientXMPP.Lance Stout
2010-10-06deal with deleting handlers that are no longer therefritzy
2010-10-06Made a first pass at cleaning up ComponentXMPP.Lance Stout
2010-10-06XMLStream cleanup.Lance Stout
2010-10-03Updated 1.0 release todo list.Lance Stout
2010-10-01Made first pass at cleaning BaseXMPP.Lance Stout
2010-10-01Fixed typo in XEP-0033 plugin.Lance Stout