AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-06-20Fix stanza clobbering when replying to errors.sleek-1.0.0-beta5sleek-1.0-Beta51.0.0-beta51.0-Beta5Lance Stout
2011-06-15Fix another roster issue.Lance Stout
2011-06-14Fix issue with components and roster.Lance Stout
2011-06-10old xep_0050 plugin is now loadableNathan Fritz
2011-06-08Added session_end event and some docs.Lance Stout
2011-06-08Fix XEP-0050 issue with Unicode string type checking.Lance Stout
2011-06-08Send component handshake immediately.Lance Stout
2011-06-01Cache stanza if sending fails.Lance Stout
2011-05-31Apply connection backoff to reconnect attempts.Lance Stout
2011-05-31Cleanup logging and exception handling.Lance Stout
2011-05-27Don't use the send queue for stream initialization.Lance Stout
2011-05-27Fix typo for SSL certificate use.Lance Stout
2011-05-27Add exponential backoff to connection attempts.Lance Stout
2011-05-27Added support for testind disconnect errors.Lance Stout
2011-05-25Fix test for get_roster().Lance Stout
2011-05-20Fix test timeout issue.Lance Stout
2011-05-20Make roster test a little more robust.Lance Stout
2011-05-20Fix double roster entry issue with Unicode.Lance Stout
2011-05-20Handle callback return value case.Lance Stout
2011-05-20Resolve timeout errors for get_roster.Lance Stout
2011-05-13Ensure that the XEP-0086 plugin is loaded.Lance Stout
2011-04-26Add support for testing that no stanzas are sent in tests.Lance Stout
2011-04-14Pubsub/Unsubscribe was not getting registeredNathan Fritz
2011-04-11Mark scheduler thread as a daemon.Lance Stout
2011-04-08Update tests to reflect XEP-0086 correcting error codes.Lance Stout
2011-04-08Make use sleekxmpp.__version__Lance Stout
2011-04-08Add version info.Lance Stout
2011-04-08Use underscore method name.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Added new implementation for XEP-0086.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Allow a stanza plugin to override a parent's interfaces.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Left too much unlrelated code in example.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Added new XEP-0050 implementation.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Tidy up the examples.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Allow SleekTest to wait longer when checking for sent stanzas.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Fix typo.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Updated todo file again.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Updated todo file.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Cleaned XEP-0249 plugin, added tests.Lance Stout
2011-03-22Updated XEP-0128 plugin to work with the new XEP-0030 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-03-22Updated doc for connect()Lance Stout
2011-03-22May pass use_tls=False to connect().Lance Stout
2011-03-18Change namespace inclusion in strings.Lance Stout
2011-03-18Fix error in stanza handler registration in XEP-0092.Lance Stout
2011-03-18Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2011-03-18Fix self.disconnect(reconnect=True) not working.Lance Stout
2011-03-16Avoid infinite loop on version resultFlorent Le Coz
2011-02-24Remove the occasional warning about XEP-0059 not loaded.Lance Stout
2011-02-24Add tests for XEP-0085, fix some bugs.Lance Stout
2011-02-24Updated the XEP-0085 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-02-23Bring back the signal handlers (and the "killed" event).Lance Stout