AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-06-13Bump version to 1.1.4sleek- Stout
2012-06-13Prevent duplicate certificate expiration timers.Lance Stout
2012-06-13Fix loading cached disco identity data.Lance Stout
2012-06-09Bump version for 1.1.3sleek- Stout
2012-06-09Add extra check for the cert in the expiration handler.Lance Stout
2012-06-09Use False for use_tls for components.Lance Stout
2012-06-09Default use_tls to False for components.Lance Stout
2012-06-09Fix SSL handshake handling when not using legacy SSL.Lance Stout
2012-06-09Ensure that all SSL cert error handling is overridable using event handlers.Lance Stout
2012-06-06Add 'presence' event, raised for all incoming presence stanzas.Lance Stout
2012-06-06Bump version to 1.1.2sleek- Stout
2012-06-06Don't request registration forms unless the register event is handled.Lance Stout
2012-06-04Bump version for 1.1.1 minor release.sleek- Stout
2012-06-04Include the default, unnamed group in self.client_roster.groups()Lance Stout
2012-06-04Don't add cert expiration timer if no certs are being used.Lance Stout
2012-06-01Update version and README for 1.1sleek-1.11.1Lance Stout
2012-06-01Fix syntax error in line continuation.Lance Stout
2012-06-01Check that the session is still alive before sending data.Lance Stout
2012-05-31Update development version number to prepare for 1.1 release.Lance Stout
2012-05-31Preemptively mark threads as exited if calling disconnect().Lance Stout
2012-05-27Handle not being able to connect using IPv6 if the host does not support it.Lance Stout
2012-05-25Fix X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM mechanism to work with Python3.Lance Stout
2012-05-22Add better certificate handling.Lance Stout
2012-05-17Remove unused xmlstream test client.Lance Stout
2012-05-16Spell thirdparty correctly.Lance Stout
2012-05-16Prune unused conn_test code.Lance Stout
2012-05-15Add auth_success event.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Use SASLPrepFailure as the exception name instead of UnicodeError.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Add an exception handler for SASLprep failures.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Remove extra connection info so that examples run without modification.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Add more documentation to the custom stanza examples.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Added custom_stanza exampleErick PĂ©rez Castellanos
2012-05-14Add MUC events for room configuration changes.Lance Stout
2012-05-10Make the error message better regarding hanged threads.Lance Stout
2012-05-06Update other examples to use threaded mode for handlers that call disconnect()Lance Stout
2012-05-06Update to call disconnect() from a threaded handler.Lance Stout
2012-05-06Windows doesn't support inet_pton.Lance Stout
2012-05-05Tidy up and add tests for multi_attrib plugins.Lance Stout
2012-05-05Merge pull request #163 from whooo/masterLance Stout
2012-05-04Fix loading plugins from custom modules when passing the module itself.Lance Stout
2012-04-30added multifactory and support for it to register_stanza_pluginErik Larsson
2012-04-30Collapse initial payload to a single stanza instead of a list if only one sta...Lance Stout
2012-04-30Add full support for initial payloads with adhoc commands, plus test.Lance Stout
2012-04-30Allow providing initial payload to adhoc commands.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Add logging note about potential cause of disconnect() deadlock.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Set a timeout when waiting for threads.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Use the correct 'from' jid when requesting vcards for avatars.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Don't raise errors when receiving an iq error for vcards.Lance Stout
2012-04-26Populate the to attribute for message and presence stanzas if the server leav...Lance Stout
2012-04-25Use provided stanza ID.Lance Stout