AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-02Merge branch 'version-1.5.1' into 'master'3449-xmpp-connection-stuck-forever-after-error-in-start_tlsmathieui
2020-05-02Update version to 1.5.1slix-1.5.1mathieui
2020-05-02Merge branch 'add-forever-false-examples' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-05-02Merge branch 'fix-disconnect-send-queue' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-05-02Add forever=False to some examples to make them terminatemathieui
2020-05-02Fix a regression introduced in 1.5.0mathieui
2020-05-02Merge branch 'fix-start-handlers' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-05-02Change session_start callback to async in most examplesmathieui
2020-05-01Merge branch 'release-1.5.0' into 'master'mathieui
2020-05-01Update version to 1.5.0slix-1.5.0mathieui
2020-05-01Merge branch 'python-version' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-05-01Update Python version minimum requirement to 3.7Maxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-06xep_0196: Use correct tag local name (thanks ivucica)Maxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-06docs: remove andyet logo/link on every pageMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-04Merge branch 'add-github-pr-template' into 'master'mathieui
2020-04-04Add a github pull request templatemathieui
2020-04-04Merge branch 'fix-deprecations' into 'master'mathieui
2020-04-04Merge branch 'fix-nonetype-error' into 'master'mathieui
2020-04-04Fix TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not an iteratorjheling
2020-04-04Fix deprecation warning regarding invalid escape sequences.Karthikeyan Singaravelan
2020-04-04Merge branch 'fix-celementtree-import' into 'master'mathieui
2020-04-04Merge branch 'sync-fixes' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-04-04fire 'disconnected' callback from abort()Georg Lukas
2020-04-04expose is_connecting state based on connection attempt futureGeorg Lukas
2020-03-29Merge branch 'fix-0198' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-03-29Merge branch 'fix-reconnect-2.0' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-03-29XEP-0198: unset end_session_on_disconnect on resume/enableGeorg Lukas
2020-03-29Reset reconnect delay on manual reconnect, add delay eventGeorg Lukas
2020-03-28Merge branch 'fix-0198' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-03-28Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2020-03-28XEP-0198: fix race conditions on enable/resumeGeorg Lukas
2020-03-28XEP-0198: properly disable on disconnect, fix reconnect-loopGeorg Lukas
2020-03-28cElementTree has been deprecated since Python 3.3 and removed in Python 3.9.Karthikeyan Singaravelan
2020-03-23reconnect: fix callback when not currently connectedGeorg Lukas
2019-12-27Merge branch 'async-filters' into 'master'mathieui
2019-12-27Put the queue exception at toplevelmathieui
2019-12-27Improve the send queue code a bitmathieui
2019-12-27add a separate place for slow ass filtersmathieui
2019-12-27raise Exceptionmathieui
2019-12-27Try/except around outbound stanza processingmathieui
2019-12-27Remove trailing whitespacemathieui
2019-12-27Skip 0323 becausemathieui
2019-12-27Update test framework to work with new filtersmathieui
2019-12-27Run the send queue in a separate coroutinemathieui
2019-11-11xep_0048: Ensure Conference jid is of type str when given a JIDMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-09-19Fix a bug in the 0202 plugin where a time result would send back a resultmathieui
2019-09-10Match the sender JID as well as the queryid in MAM resultsmathieui
2019-09-10Add typing/docstring in the MAM pluginmathieui
2019-09-08Added amount parameter, so that limit on the msgs received per query can be c...root
2019-08-28Revert "Remove a block of compatibility code"Maxime “pep” Buquet