AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-29Check for XML parsing errors and disconnect in that case.WIPEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-12-29XMLStream: Break a long line to make it more readable.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-12-29Examples: Use argparse for http_over_xmpp.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-12-25Test more things before trying to build our stringprep module.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-12-07slixmpp 1.2.3slix-1.2.3mathieui
2016-12-07Fix roster push origin detection and testsmathieui
2016-12-05Add very basic gitlab-ci.yml filelouiz’
2016-11-26XEP-0380: Add a helper to test for the presence of an EME tag.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-11-26Add a plugin for XEP-0380: Explicit Message Encryption.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-11-21slixmpp 1.2.2slix-1.2.2mathieui
2016-11-21Check origin of roster pushesmathieui
2016-10-27stringprep_profiles: Emit a correct StringPrepError on query + unassigned.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-27SASL: Fix traceback on non-hashing mechanism using channel binding.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-27XEP-0323: Fix wrong import.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-27XEP-0313: Add missing setter argument.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-27Add missing parameters in XEP-0222 and XEP-0223mathieui
2016-10-27XEP-0009: fix a traceback on recipient unavailablemathieui
2016-10-27Add missing JID import in XEP-0079 and 0258mathieui
2016-10-27Add missing imports in XEP-0333mathieui
2016-10-27Fix a traceback on XEP-0221 del uri['value']mathieui
2016-10-23Transform an if into an elif in cert parsing.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-22Manual cleanup of the remaining set([…]) and set((…)).Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-22sed -i 's/set(\[\(.*\)\])$/{\1}/g' **/*.pyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-22sed -i 's/set((\(.*\)))$/{\1}/g' **/*.pyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-22sed -i 's/set((\(.*\),))$/{\1}/g' **/*.pyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot Check for libidn before trying to use Cython.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-05slixmpp 1.2.1slix-1.2.1mathieui
2016-10-05Remove monkeypatching hack on the event loopmathieui
2016-10-04Fix XEP-0060 testsmathieui
2016-10-04Fix stanza accessors case in testsmathieui
2016-10-04Fix the gmail_notify pluginmathieui
2016-10-04Fix XEP-0033mathieui
2016-10-04Attrib property has been removedmathieui
2016-10-04Set unset part of a JID to empty string instead of Nonemathieui
2016-10-04Add more checks in the XEP-0060 stanza buildingmathieui
2016-10-04Fix XEP-0128mathieui
2016-10-04Fix XEP-0009mathieui
2016-10-02Update for slixmpp 1.2slix-1.2mathieui
2016-10-02Add a fallback if the lang we want is not availablemathieui
2016-09-30Fix uses of super() in the codebasemathieui
2016-09-30Fix #3226 (unicity of scheduled event names)mathieui
2016-09-30Merge branch 'doc_fixes' of
2016-09-30Minor documentation fixesSam Whited
2016-09-20Fix xep-0050 stanzamathieui
2016-09-21ElementBase: Remove support for TitleCase methods.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-21XEP-0045: Remove support for old-style {get,set,del}TitleCase methods.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20ElementBase: Remove deprecated find() and findall() methods.discoEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20XEP-0004: Remove deprecated getXML() and fromXML() methods.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20BaseXMPP: Stop automatically enabling UserNick, and remove deprecated alias m...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20ElementBase: Remove attrib interface.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot