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2014-07-22An other cleanup of xmlstream.pyFlorent Le Coz
Remove some useless things (like handling signals, managing the threads, etc), add some comment to recently added/fixed methods…
2014-07-22Remove unused RestartStream exceptionFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-21Remove the now useless state machineFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-21Make connect(), abort() and reconnect() workFlorent Le Coz
All the auto_reconnect, connect_retry logic and that kind of stuf has been entirely removed.
2014-07-21Clean a new bunch of stufFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-21Remove the send_thread() function, and the stop threading.eventFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-21Fix signature of init_plugins() functionFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-20Make xmlstream use an asyncio loopFlorent Le Coz
Scheduled events, connection, TLS handshake (with STARTTLS), read and write on the socket are all done using only asyncio. A lot of threads, and thread-related (and thus useless) things still remain. This is only a first step.
2014-07-17Rename to slixmppFlorent Le Coz
2014-06-09Bump to 1.3.1Lance Stout
2014-06-09Fix things again, this time for python3Lance Stout
2014-06-08Bump to 1.3.0sleek- Stout
2014-06-08Make ssl args work in Python <=2.6.4Lance Stout
2014-06-08Bring back use of dnspython for A/AAAA resolution.Lance Stout
This is behind a use_dnspython flag, however, so it can be disabled as desired.
2014-06-07Only request auto-receipts for messages with bodiesLance Stout
2014-06-07Fix own_host in ping pluginLance Stout
2014-05-16Merge pull request #294 from mofrank/developLance Stout
Fixes log.debug message in _connect_proxy
2014-05-16Merge pull request #292 from 4gra/developLance Stout
Fix support for jabberd2 with GSSAPI
2014-05-16Fixes log.debug message in _connect_proxymofrank
2014-05-14Support jabberd2 SASL with really empty responseGraham
Despite, jabberd version 2.2.14 cannot accept the typical "<response xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl">=</response>". Instead it must be truly empty, so we force an empty response for this stanza only.
2014-05-14support 'success' phase correctlyGraham
When the GSSAPI mechanism's process() function is invoked for the third time (on success) it must not attempt further processing. Instead it should clean the context and return an empty response.
2014-05-14don't use the kerberos.GSSError.message attributeGraham
Replaced the reference to kerberos.GSSError.message in any raised exception, because: DeprecationWarning: BaseException.message has been deprecated as of Python 2.6 and its natural repr is probably the most desirable output.
2014-04-20Merge branch 'develop' of into developsleek- Stout
2014-04-20Fix using SCRAM with ejabberdLance Stout
2014-04-20Merge pull request #285 from lovesnow/developLance Stout
Fix Don't process vCard avatars for MUC occupants caused TypeError
2014-04-20Bump versionLance Stout
2014-04-20Merge pull request #288 from tpltnt/developLance Stout
doc typo fixed
2014-04-19doc typo fixedtpltnt
2014-02-21Fix Don't process vCard avatars for MUC occupants caused TypeErrorlovesnow
2014-02-14Bump versionLance Stout
2014-02-14Allow IQ processing based on only id value before the session is bound.Lance Stout
See issue #278
2014-02-09Bump versionLance Stout
2014-02-09Merge pull request #280 from allan-simon/developLance Stout
fixed setRole function,
2014-02-09Include stanza dirsLance Stout
2014-02-09Bump minor versionLance Stout
2014-02-09Fix to include xep_0323 and xep_0325Lance Stout
2014-02-07fixed setRole function, the check where made against 'affiliation' values, ↵Allan Simon
now we do that against actual role values
2014-02-06Get the IoT plugins to pass tests on Py3sleek- Stout
2014-02-06Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2014-02-06Merge pull request #277 from allan-simon/developLance Stout
close #276, now we trigger 'groupchat_message_error'
2014-02-06Merge pull request #272 from tfriem/developLance Stout
Fix X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM authentication in Python3.
2014-02-06Add Py3.3 to list of supported versionsLance Stout
2014-02-06Add test for wrong sender in IQLance Stout
2014-02-03Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2014-02-03Fix verifying 'from' for IQ results.Lance Stout
Closes issue #278
2014-01-31close #276, now we trigger 'groupchat_message_error' and ↵Allan Simon
muc::ROOM::message_error when we receive a message type=error from the server
2014-01-26Merge pull request #275 from waechtjn/developLance Stout
XEP-0065 Implementation Broken
2014-01-26Fixed XEP-0065 SOCKS5 socket closingwaechtjn
SCOKS5 SID were removed multiple times from the _sessions dictionary
2014-01-26Update xep_0065/proxy.pywaechtjn
Removed reference to undefined variable "conn"
2014-01-21Merge pull request #274 from anton-ryzhov/fixesLance Stout
Examples and thread counting