AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-28Merge branch 'hacks' of into hackssleek-0.9-conn-fixes20.9-conn-fixes2Tom Nichols
2010-06-28race condition where we were transitioning to 'disconnected' and immediately ...Tom Nichols
2010-06-28make the scheduler a daemon thread to prevent hanging when the main thread ex...Tom Nichols
2010-06-28print the traceback if we can't load a plugin for some reasonTom Nichols
2010-06-08Merge branch 'hacks' of into hacksTom Nichols
2010-06-08fixed mis-named variable, doc typo and using conformant Condition methods.sleek-0.9-conn-fixes10.9-conn-fixes1Thom Nichols
2010-06-07added documentation for transition_ctx and removed some superfluous comment l...Thom Nichols
2010-06-07added __str__Thom Nichols
2010-06-07context manager now returns a boolean 'result' as the context variable to ind...Thom Nichols
2010-06-07context manager is working but there's a fatal flaw: inside the body of the '...Thom Nichols
2010-06-04connect uses the new function-on-state-transition so when the connect method ...Thom Nichols
2010-06-03tweaked connectTCP call slightly to reduce possibility of 'connecting' state ...Thom Nichols
2010-06-03added function execution on transition, and more unit tests.Thom Nichols
2010-06-03added function execution on transition, and more unit tests.Thom Nichols
2010-06-03whups, somehow I lost the 'connecting' lock in connect()Thom Nichols
2010-06-03added function to retrieve the current stateThom Nichols
2010-06-03fixed quiesce algorithm; state transition if connect fails; note about use_tl...Thom Nichols
2010-06-02Merge branch 'hacks' of into hacksTom Nichols
2010-06-02Merge branch 'master' into hacksThom Nichols
2010-06-02reconnection quiesce logicThom Nichols
2010-06-02removed unnecessary flags and arguments from disconnect methodThom Nichols
2010-06-02Merge branch 'master' into hacksThom Nichols
2010-06-03hack fix for session before bindNathan Fritz
2010-06-03if binding and session are advertised in the same go, do session firstNathan Fritz
2010-06-03added try/catch block to plugin loadingBrian Beggs
2010-06-03moddified plugin loading so plugins located outside of the plugins directory ...Brian Beggs
2010-06-03Added .pydevproject to the .gitignoreBrian Beggs
2010-06-02overhauled state machine. Now allows for atomic transitions.Thom Nichols
2010-06-01Merge branch 'hacks' of Nichols
2010-06-01merged changes from fritzyThom Nichols
2010-06-01fixed some major reconnection errorsThom Nichols
2010-06-01merged a lot of fritzy's changesThom Nichols
2010-06-01included jobs pluginNathan Fritz
2010-06-01Scheduler waits too longer, and pubsubstate registration was backwardsNathan Fritz
2010-06-01Added missing 'internal-server-error' condition to error stanza interface.Lance stout
2010-06-01Touched up the style of creating an Iq stanza.Lance stout
2010-06-01Added 'resource-constraint' to the list of error conditions.Lance stout
2010-06-01Added unit tests for the new XEP-0030 stanza objects. All pass.Lance Stout
2010-06-01Updated the XEP-0030 plugin to work with stanza objects instead of manipulati...Lance Stout
2010-06-01control-c fixesNathan Fritz
2010-06-01added pubsubjobs testNathan Fritz
2010-06-01added pubsub state stanzas and scheduled eventsNathan Fritz
2010-06-01adding schedulerNathan Fritz
2010-06-01added muc room to readmeNathan Fritz
2010-06-01plugins now are checked for post_init having ran when process() is calledNathan Fritz
2010-06-01Changed to register first Xep_0030.Hernan E Grecco
2010-06-01Fixed error registering a plugin. To add a feature to another plugin, it shou...Hernan E Grecco
2010-06-01updated README, index fix for componentNathan Fritz
2010-06-01Added a flag to registerPlugin to control calling the plugin's post_init method.Lance Stout
2010-06-01Modified the return values for several methods so that they can be chained.Lance Stout