AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-03-26changed license to MITsleek-0.9RC10.9RC1Nathan Fritz
2010-03-26closed bug #8 -- double auth responseNathan Fritz
2010-03-26fixed bug #7 -- muc roster leakNathan Fritz
2010-03-26fixed bug #16 Roster not updatingNathan Fritz
2010-03-26added memleak test and attempted to fix presence leakNathan Fritz
2010-03-24stanzabase indent fixNathan Fritz
2010-03-24fix for bug #18Nathan Fritz
2010-03-15fixed xmlstream filesocket issueNathan Fritz
2010-03-04added muc functionalityNathan Fritz
2010-02-27fixed some presence bugsNathan Fritz
2010-02-25fixed some unicode problems for 2.6Nathan Fritz
2010-02-24apparently if statement *does* work.. adding it back inNathan Fritz
2010-02-15Merge branch 'develop'Nathan Fritz
2010-02-15got rid of stupid iq set/get/error/result methodsNathan Fritz
2010-02-15tweaked presence handlerNathan Fritz
2010-02-15added send queueing to avoid mixed sendingNathan Fritz
2010-01-29Merge branch 'develop'Nathan Fritz
2010-01-29fixed issue with unicode in 3.xNathan Fritz
2010-01-29Merge branch 'develop'Nathan Fritz
2010-01-29added separate tostring filesNathan Fritz
2010-01-29fixed unicode problems in 2.6Nathan Fritz
2010-01-27Merge branch 'master' of Fritz
2010-01-27Merge branch 'develop'Nathan Fritz
2010-01-27Merge branch 'issue-10' into developNathan Fritz
2010-01-27fixed status change issueNathan Fritz
2010-01-27Merge branch 'master' of Fritz
2010-01-27fixed 2.6 compatibility for componentxmppNathan Fritz
2010-01-25Merge branch 'master' of Fritz
2010-01-25removed stupid monkeypatch for filesocketNathan Fritz
2010-01-23fixed presence['type'] w/ show value bug and added test to proveNathan Fritz
2010-01-20unhandled iq's should only respond to errors when type=get/setNathan Fritz
2010-01-20Added readme and installNathan Fritz
2010-01-15fixed matcher bug introduced with stanza matchingNathan Fritz
2010-01-15xep 30 and 50 always reply from jid iq sent toNathan Fritz
2010-01-14fixed bug from duplicate append methods in stanzabaseNathan Fritz
2010-01-13Completed basic test coverage of xmlns stanzasNathan Fritz
2010-01-09added stanza.get(key, defaultvalue)Nathan Fritz
2010-01-08added for 2.6 compatibilityNathan Fritz
2010-01-08muc message stanza enhancementsNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* tests need module fileNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* added testsNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* fix to xep 78Nathan Fritz
2010-01-08* python 2.6 compatibilityNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* fixed stanza.keys()Nathan Fritz
2010-01-08* added first stanza testsNathan Fritz
2010-01-07* pubsub#owner and pubsub namespace stanzas writtenNathan Fritz
2010-01-05* major stanza improvementsNathan Fritz
2009-12-22* fixed unhandled iqsNathan Fritz
2009-12-17* fixed many stanza bugsNathan Fritz
2009-12-15* added error, htmlim, roster, and nick stanza pluginsNathan Fritz