AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2012-06-01Update version and README for 1.1sleek-1.11.1Lance Stout
2012-06-01Fix syntax error in line continuation.Lance Stout
2012-06-01Check that the session is still alive before sending data.Lance Stout
Fixes issue #168
2012-05-31Update development version number to prepare for 1.1 release.Lance Stout
2012-05-31Preemptively mark threads as exited if calling disconnect().Lance Stout
2012-05-27Handle not being able to connect using IPv6 if the host does not support it.Lance Stout
2012-05-25Fix X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM mechanism to work with Python3.Lance Stout
2012-05-22Add better certificate handling.Lance Stout
Certificate host names are now matched (using DNS, SRV, XMPPAddr, and Common Name), along with expiration check. Scheduled event to reset the stream once the server's cert expires. Handle invalid cert trust chains gracefully now.
2012-05-17Remove unused xmlstream test client.Lance Stout
It's in the repo history if we need it later.
2012-05-16Spell thirdparty correctly.Lance Stout
2012-05-16Prune unused conn_test code.Lance Stout
2012-05-15Add auth_success event.Lance Stout
The auth_success event is triggered upon successful SASL negotiation.
2012-05-14Use SASLPrepFailure as the exception name instead of UnicodeError.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Add an exception handler for SASLprep failures.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Remove extra connection info so that examples run without modification.Lance Stout
GTalk users may still need to change the connect() call if dnspython is not installed, as usual.
2012-05-14Add more documentation to the custom stanza examples.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Added custom_stanza exampleErick Pérez Castellanos
2012-05-14Add MUC events for room configuration changes.Lance Stout
New events: groupchat_config_status muc::[room JID]::config_status
2012-05-10Make the error message better regarding hanged threads.Lance Stout
All event handlers which call disconnect() MUST be registered using `add_event_handler(..., threaded=True)` in order to prevent temporarily deadlocking until a timeout occurs. This is required because disconnect() waits for the main threads to exit before returning, including the event processing thread. Since handlers registered without `threaded=True` run in the event processing thread, the disconnect() call will deadlock.
2012-05-06Update other examples to use threaded mode for handlers that call disconnect()Lance Stout
2012-05-06Update to call disconnect() from a threaded handler.Lance Stout
2012-05-06Windows doesn't support inet_pton.Lance Stout
2012-05-05Tidy up and add tests for multi_attrib plugins.Lance Stout
2012-05-05Merge pull request #163 from whooo/masterLance Stout
factory for recurring substanzas
2012-05-04Fix loading plugins from custom modules when passing the module itself.Lance Stout
Loading plugins from custom modules when passed as a string still works.
2012-04-30added multifactory and support for it to register_stanza_pluginErik Larsson
2012-04-30Collapse initial payload to a single stanza instead of a list if only one ↵Lance Stout
stanza is found.
2012-04-30Add full support for initial payloads with adhoc commands, plus test.Lance Stout
2012-04-30Allow providing initial payload to adhoc commands.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Add logging note about potential cause of disconnect() deadlock.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Set a timeout when waiting for threads.Lance Stout
If calling disconnect() from a non-threaded event handler, deadlock can happen as disconnect() is waiting for threads to close, but the event runner is blocked by a handler waiting for disconnect() to return. It is best to specify threaded=True for event handlers which may call disconnect().
2012-04-29Use the correct 'from' jid when requesting vcards for avatars.Lance Stout
2012-04-29Don't raise errors when receiving an iq error for vcards.Lance Stout
2012-04-26Populate the to attribute for message and presence stanzas if the server ↵Lance Stout
leaves it blank.
2012-04-25Use provided stanza ID.Lance Stout
2012-04-25Prevent corrupting roster_update event with iq result.Lance Stout
2012-04-24Ensure that SSL errors are handled in Py3.3Lance Stout
2012-04-22Track threads to ensure all have exited when disconnecting.Lance Stout
2012-04-21Count and track the main threads, so we can delay disconnecting until all ↵Lance Stout
have quit.
2012-04-20Add _use_daemons flag to XMLStream to run all threads in daemon mode.Lance Stout
This WILL make the Python interpreter produce exceptions on shutdown.
2012-04-14Handle using provided weakrefs as stanza parent references.Lance Stout
Fixes issue #159
2012-04-13Check for the stop event more aggressively in the send thread.Lance Stout
2012-04-11Reset attempted SASL mech set after no suitable mechs are found.Lance Stout
2012-04-10Fix DNS resolution results for IP literals.Lance Stout
2012-04-09Update with the latest plugins.Lance Stout
2012-04-09Add initial support for XEP-0153.Lance Stout
2012-04-08Initial support for XEP-0231.Lance Stout
2012-04-08Add a prefix to stanza ID values to ensure that they are unique per client.Lance Stout
2012-04-08Undo the additional Iq result checks until further testing is done.Lance Stout
Revert "Check for Iq results based on both the sender's JID and the ID value." This reverts commit 9ffde5ab3706ca24b03dbea93c67810687c4b6ba.
2012-04-08Fix looking up local and cached vcards.Lance Stout