AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-30Bump version to 1.1.10sleek- Stout
2012-07-29Don't wait to retry connection if out of DNS records.Lance Stout
2012-07-28Add support for XEP-0131: Standard Headers and Internet MetadataLance Stout
2012-07-27Restrict caps updates to available presences (not subscriptions, etc).Lance Stout
2012-07-27Only broadcast vCard hashes for available presences (not subscriptions, etc).Lance Stout
2012-07-27Compile JID pattern regex.Lance Stout
2012-07-27Allow tasks to remove themselves during executionJonas Wielicki
2012-07-26Improve docs and fix typo in stringprep profiles.Lance Stout
2012-07-26Enhance plugin config with attribute accessors.Lance Stout
2012-07-26Don't include a 'from' JID when requesting vCards as a client.Lance Stout
2012-07-26Fix logging statement for MUC invitations.Lance Stout
2012-07-26Fix error with session binding in components.Lance Stout
2012-07-25Add example for setting an avatar.Lance Stout
2012-07-25Fix avatar hash advertising.Lance Stout
2012-07-25Substitute a blank JID for the boundjid in API calls.Lance Stout
2012-07-25Fix initializing plugins in stanzas with a language set.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Fix publish vcard avatars, and PEP avatar metadata.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Modify update_roster() to only change the information provided.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add support for using CDATA for escaping.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Standardize importing of queue class.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Fix JID validation bugs, add lots of tests.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add more validation for 0 length JID components.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Finish docstrings for jid.pyLance Stout
2012-07-24Add plugin for advertising XEP-0106 support.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add backwards compatibility shim for the old location.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Cleanup and docs.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add JID escaping support.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add validation for JIDs.Lance Stout
2012-07-23Add 'by' attribute for error stanzas.Lance Stout
2012-07-23old clients still support xep-184/1.0 versionekini
2012-07-22Add XEP-0133 support, which just makes the appropriate XEP-0050 calls.Lance Stout
2012-07-22Handle Windows newlines in XEP-0027.Lance Stout
2012-07-20Fix deprecation warning for setting self.resourceLance Stout
2012-07-20Fix description of XEP-0222 plugin.Lance Stout
2012-07-20Add example for retrieving avatars.Lance Stout
2012-07-20Add event for vCard avatar update.Lance Stout
2012-07-20Fix see-other-host handling if no host is actually given. Also, limit number ...Lance Stout
2012-07-20Bump version to 1.1.9sleek- Stout
2012-07-19Of course Peter goes and changes the XEP title the day after I implement it.Lance Stout
2012-07-19Fix issue of roster data being split across multiple rosters.Lance Stout
2012-07-16Add plugin for XEP-0191: Simple Communications BlockingLance Stout
2012-07-16Add a warning log if dnspython is not found for SRV lookup.Lance Stout
2012-07-10Update plugins to use session_bind handler for disco, and use plugin_endLance Stout
2012-07-10Add method to remove a filter.Lance Stout
2012-07-10Add default plugin session_bind handler.Lance Stout
2012-07-10Add session_bind_event threading event.Lance Stout
2012-07-10Add method to unregister stream features.Lance Stout
2012-07-09Prevent None from being added to the schedule from a timing issue.Lance Stout
2012-07-09Fix issues of disco info leaking between entities with the same bare JIDs.Lance Stout
2012-07-09Fix missing import in xep_0256 plugin.Lance Stout