AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-23Merge branch 'develop' of into sleek-mergesleek-mergemathieui
2015-09-19Fix connecting to a custom host/portmathieui
2015-09-18Merge pull request #397 from rerobins/xep_0050_updatesMike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge branch 'develop' into xep_0050_updatesRobert Robinson
2015-09-18Merge pull request #3 from fritzy/developRobert Robinson
2015-09-18Merge pull request #396 from rerobins/add_xep_0122Mike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #393 from aalba6675/fix/timeMike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #392 from aalba6675/fix/tel_numberMike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #389 from alexdraga/developMike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #384 from elya5/patch-1Mike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #386 from jdowner/develop-iotMike Taylor
2015-09-18Merge pull request #395 from rerobins/refactor_formsMike Taylor
2015-09-17register_Stanza_plugin shouldn't be iterableRobert Robinson
2015-09-17Add 0122 to plugin/ __all__Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Update __init__.pyRobert Robinson
2015-09-15Merge branch 'add_xep_0122' of into add...Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Add test case Reported->Data Form ValidationRobert Robinson
2015-09-15Merge branch 'refactor_forms' into add_xep_0122Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Add test case for reported and itemsRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Missing xep_122 dir in setup.pyRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Add plugin supportRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Add pluginRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Working through test case issues.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Initial cut at getting the stanzas to work.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Fix xep_0050 changes after form refactor.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Force forms and fields to use plugin resolutionRobert Robinson
2015-09-14(Temporary) fix for python 3.5mathieui
2015-09-14Bump the requirements to aiodns 1.0mathieui
2015-09-12Update test_stream_xep_0050.pyRobert Robinson
2015-09-05xep_0231: Fix a traceback on result serialization.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-09-04vcard-temp: add some checks against wrong inputmathieui
2015-09-04Add timeout_callback to a bunch of plugins as a parametermathieui
2015-09-03XEP0050: Add support for payload in completed responseRobert Robinson
2015-08-27Merge pull request #394 from sangeeths/misc_updatesMike Taylor
2015-08-27adding 'id' to self['xep_0332'].send_request()Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-08-25Only send time if Iq type is get.Richard Chan
2015-08-25Do not overwrite telephone numbers; otherwise all TEL/NUMBER receivedRichard Chan
2015-08-23Merge branch 'socks5' of
2015-08-23xep_0065: Remove an unused variable.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23xep_0065: Remove the last useless threading locks.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23Add SOCKS5 Bytestream examples.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23Fix the xep_0065 plugin, by rewriting its socks5 implementation.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-22Fix the order in which <identity/> and <feature/> tags are sent on disco#infoFlorent Le Coz
2015-08-20Add a function to convert a domain name to punycode.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-10Add get users by affiliation.Aleksandr Draga
2015-08-08Fix the pubsub_client example.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Add a format() method to XMPPError which returns a readable string.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Fix docstring of unsubscribe method in the PubSub plugin.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Stop disco_browser and pubsub_client examples once they are finished.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Strip strings after pygments, so we don’t include an needless newline.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot