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2015-09-23Merge branch 'develop' of into sleek-mergesleek-mergemathieui
Conflicts: README.rst examples/ examples/ sleekxmpp/ sleekxmpp/plugins/google/auth/ sleekxmpp/plugins/google/gmail/ sleekxmpp/plugins/google/nosave/ sleekxmpp/plugins/google/settings/ sleekxmpp/thirdparty/ sleekxmpp/thirdparty/ sleekxmpp/thirdparty/ sleekxmpp/util/ sleekxmpp/xmlstream/ slixmpp/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0004/stanza/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0009/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0050/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0065/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0084/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0202/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0323/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0325/ slixmpp/plugins/xep_0325/stanza/ slixmpp/roster/ slixmpp/stanza/ slixmpp/stanza/ slixmpp/test/ slixmpp/util/sasl/ slixmpp/ slixmpp/xmlstream/ tests/ tests/ tests/ tests/
2015-09-19Fix connecting to a custom host/portmathieui
2015-09-18Merge pull request #397 from rerobins/xep_0050_updatesMike Taylor
Xep 0050 updates
2015-09-18Merge branch 'develop' into xep_0050_updatesRobert Robinson
# Conflicts: # tests/
2015-09-18Merge pull request #3 from fritzy/developRobert Robinson
Merge to fritzy_master
2015-09-18Merge pull request #396 from rerobins/add_xep_0122Mike Taylor
XEP_0122: Add support for form validation
2015-09-18Merge pull request #393 from aalba6675/fix/timeMike Taylor
Only send time if Iq type is get.
2015-09-18Merge pull request #392 from aalba6675/fix/tel_numberMike Taylor
Do not overwrite telephone numbers
2015-09-18Merge pull request #389 from alexdraga/developMike Taylor
Add get users by affiliation.
2015-09-18Merge pull request #384 from elya5/patch-1Mike Taylor
Fix UnboundlocalError in example
2015-09-18Merge pull request #386 from jdowner/develop-iotMike Taylor
iot: only add the 'done' field when all devices are done
2015-09-18Merge pull request #395 from rerobins/refactor_formsMike Taylor
XEP_0004: Data Forms use register_stanza_plugin
2015-09-17register_Stanza_plugin shouldn't be iterableRobert Robinson
Should not use iterable for registering the stanza plugins.
2015-09-17Add 0122 to plugin/ __all__Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Update __init__.pyRobert Robinson
changed xep_0121 to xep_0122
2015-09-15Merge branch 'add_xep_0122' of into ↵Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Add test case Reported->Data Form ValidationRobert Robinson
Add a test case that will verify that reported fields can contain data form validation data.
2015-09-15Merge branch 'refactor_forms' into add_xep_0122Robert Robinson
2015-09-15Add test case for reported and itemsRobert Robinson
Previous stanza test cases didn't have test cases for reported and item field types in forms. This fixes that issue. Modified stanzabase to use an ordered dict so that can guarentee the that 'items' in a form are added after reported. Also updated the set of interfaces that are stored in Form to be a ordered set. Used the order set implementation from: The OrderedSet implementation is licensed under the MIT license and is developed by the same developer of the ordereddict.
2015-09-14Missing xep_122 dir in setup.pyRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Add plugin supportRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Add pluginRobert Robinson
(cherry picked from commit 2296d56)
2015-09-14Working through test case issues.Robert Robinson
(cherry picked from commit 6b58cef)
2015-09-14Initial cut at getting the stanzas to work.Robert Robinson
(cherry picked from commit 8c7df49)
2015-09-14Fix xep_0050 changes after form refactor.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Force forms and fields to use plugin resolutionRobert Robinson
Instead of using the interface/subinterface code that was currently being implemented for the plugin. (cherry picked from commit 1467ec7)
2015-09-14(Temporary) fix for python 3.5mathieui
This will work until the old ssl implementation is finally deprecated. Hopefully, new features to painlessy implement starttls will be around by then.
2015-09-14Bump the requirements to aiodns 1.0mathieui
(and use install_requires instead of requires in the
2015-09-12Update test_stream_xep_0050.pyRobert Robinson
Fix Unit Test for adhoc 50 stream.
2015-09-05xep_0231: Fix a traceback on result serialization.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-09-04vcard-temp: add some checks against wrong inputmathieui
2015-09-04Add timeout_callback to a bunch of plugins as a parametermathieui
2015-09-03XEP0050: Add support for payload in completed responseRobert Robinson
When sending the command to complete the task, the adhoc plugin does not provide the ability to send a payload from the _handle_command_complete method.
2015-08-27Merge pull request #394 from sangeeths/misc_updatesMike Taylor
adding 'id' to self['xep_0332'].send_request()
2015-08-27adding 'id' to self['xep_0332'].send_request()Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-08-25Only send time if Iq type is get.Richard Chan
2015-08-25Do not overwrite telephone numbers; otherwise all TEL/NUMBER receivedRichard Chan
from a server will be blank.
2015-08-23Merge branch 'socks5' of
2015-08-23xep_0065: Remove an unused variable.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23xep_0065: Remove the last useless threading locks.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23Add SOCKS5 Bytestream examples.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-23Fix the xep_0065 plugin, by rewriting its socks5 implementation.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-22Fix the order in which <identity/> and <feature/> tags are sent on disco#infoFlorent Le Coz
The identities should all be at the start, and features at the end, so we just prepend the identity on add_identity, and append features on add_feature
2015-08-20Add a function to convert a domain name to punycode.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-10Add get users by affiliation.Aleksandr Draga
2015-08-08Fix the pubsub_client example.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Add a format() method to XMPPError which returns a readable string.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Fix docstring of unsubscribe method in the PubSub plugin.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Stop disco_browser and pubsub_client examples once they are finished.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Strip strings after pygments, so we don’t include an needless newline.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot