AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-12Merge branch 'doap-predict-next-version' into 'master'slix-1.6.0Link Mauve
2020-12-12doap: add next release linkmathieui
2020-12-12Merge branch 'oopsdate-doap' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-12doap: replace NEXT with 1.6.0mathieui
2020-12-12Merge branch 'update-slix-version' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-12Release: update version to 1.6.0mathieui
2020-12-12Merge branch 'create-extras-require' into 'master'Link Mauve Move emoji and aiohttp to extras_requiremathieui
2020-12-12Merge branch 'fix-moderation' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-12Merge branch 'retraction-event' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-12XEP-0424: Add an event for message retractionmathieui
2020-12-12XEP-0425: Add integration testmathieui
2020-12-12XEP-0425: Fix plugin registration, and add elementmathieui
2020-12-10Merge branch 'move-plugin-index-away' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-10docs: move the plugin index away from the main pagemathieui
2020-12-10Merge branch 'docs-event-sphinx-plugins' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-10docs: add sphinx_autodoc_typehints depmathieui
2020-12-10docs: update docstrings for sphinx conformitymathieui
2020-12-10docs: fix rest issuesmathieui
2020-12-10docs: Add pluginsmathieui
2020-12-10docs: update event indexmathieui
2020-12-08Merge branch 'rai' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-08XEP-047: Room Activity Indicatorsmathieui
2020-12-07Merge branch 'xep-0333-fixes' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-07Merge branch 'xep-0439-improved' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-07XEP-0439: add integration testsmathieui
2020-12-07XEP-0439: Add eventsmathieui
2020-12-07Merge branch 'no-emoji-required' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-06CI: do not require the emoji packagemathieui
2020-12-06itests: Add a chat markers testmathieui
2020-12-06XEP-0333: Add missing feature, and a send_marker methodmathieui
2020-12-06XEP-0333: Rename plugin file from "hints" to "markers"mathieui
2020-12-06Merge branch 'update-readme' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-06README: document integration testsmathieui
2020-12-06Merge branch 'more-tests' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-06XEP-0444: fix a mistake in plugin_endmathieui
2020-12-06itests: add another bunch of testsmathieui
2020-12-06itests: fix muc test namemathieui
2020-12-06Integration tests: parallelize client connectsmathieui
2020-12-06Merge branch 'no-ordered-stuff' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-06Remove OrderedDict usageEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-05Merge branch 'first-integration-tests' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-05Merge branch 'doap' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-12-05XEP-0352: Only enable the feature on ClientXMPPEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-05XEP-0300: Fix testsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-05Plugins: Update the list to match what’s availableEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-04DOAP: Add all of the releasesEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-04DOAP: List the correct versions and support statusEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-04CI: add integration tests to the gitlab pipelinemathieui
2020-12-04Add some very basic integration testsmathieui