AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-30Release slix 1.7.1slix-1.7.1slix-1.7mathieui
2021-04-30xmlstream: fix slow tasks schedulingmathieui
2021-01-29Merge branch 'next-version-1.7.0' into 'master'slix-1.7.0mathieui
2021-01-29version: update to 1.7.0mathieui
2021-01-29DOAP: add an 1.7.0 entrymathieui
2021-01-29Merge branch 'connect-basic-itests' into 'master'Link Mauve
2021-01-29tests: add basic reconnect/connect integration testsmathieui
2021-01-29Merge branch 'reconnect-logic-doomed' into 'master'Link Mauve
2021-01-29XEP-0198: do not send acks when disconnectedmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: keep value of "end_session_on_disconnect"mathieui
2021-01-29XEP-0198: Enable SM even if we failed resuming the sessionmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: ensure slow futures are scheduled on this loopmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: Make the reconnect handler a coroutinemathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: do not touch connection state on abort()mathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: set disconnected future on eventmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: end the parser when the stream has endedmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: rename run_filtersmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: change the connection logicmathieui
2021-01-29xmlstream: purge send queue and pending tasks on session endmathieui
2021-01-28xmlstream: do not cancel the send filter taskmathieui
2021-01-28xmlstream: fix race conditions on handlersmathieui
2021-01-28xmlstream: handle done tasks in wait_untilmathieui
2021-01-27Merge branch 'block-threaded-examples-docs' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-27docs: update the tutorials a bitmathieui
2021-01-27examples: updates to reflect asynciomathieui
2021-01-27Merge branch 'xep-0382-spoiler-messages' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-24Merge branch 'fix-emoji-update' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-24XEP-0444: Fix emoji detectionmathieui
2021-01-24Merge branch 'ping-cancel-iqs-on-session-end' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-24XEP-0199: Fix handler default parameter, add typingmathieui
2021-01-24Merge branch 'handle-connection-errors-in-starttls' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-22XEP-0199: cancel ongoing handlers on session endmathieui
2021-01-22iq: only update the future if it is not donemathieui
2021-01-22Handle connection errors in start_tls (fix #3449)mathieui
2021-01-22XEP-0382: update DOAP filemathieui
2021-01-22XEP-0382: Spoiler Messagesmathieui
2021-01-19Merge branch 'disconnect-event-after-cleanup' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-17XMLStream: Only fire "disconnected" after removal of related objectsmathieui
2021-01-12Merge branch 'ad-mucjoin-component-event' into 'master'Link Mauve
2021-01-12XEP-0045: Add a groupchat_join MUC event for componentsmathieui
2021-01-10Merge branch 'xep-0045-fixes-misc' into 'master'Link Mauve
2021-01-10XEP-0045: Better component handlingmathieui
2021-01-10XEP-0045: Better "groupchat_presence" targetingmathieui
2021-01-10XEP-0045: add more elements (<actor/>)mathieui
2021-01-10Merge branch 'test-skip-dependency' into 'master'mathieui
2021-01-10CI: Skip test if the emoji dep is not heremathieui
2021-01-01Fix homepage in DOAP. Thanks mathieui!Link Mauve
2020-12-27Merge branch 'muc-mypy-fixes' into 'master'mathieui
2020-12-27XEP-0045: Add a set_subject() helperEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-27XEP-0045: Add missing reason for affiliation and role changesEmmanuel Gil Peyrot