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2013-05-13Update copyright years, and license for SueltaLance Stout
2012-06-07Added the Socksipy module in the thirdparty of SleekXMPP.Sandro Munda
Updated the LICENSE file with the license of the Socksipy module (New-BSD).
2012-04-06Add support for XEP-0027Lance Stout
2011-08-13More documentation!Lance Stout
Finished the echo bot quickstart. Added placeholders for other guides we need.
2011-08-13Fix typo.Lance Stout
2011-08-04Actually, we can work around needing dateutil.Lance Stout
If dateutil is present, we'll use that. If not, we'll use some regexes from the fixed_datetime module.
2011-08-04Let's make sure licenses can be seen and checked.Lance Stout
2010-07-20don't send resource in bind request if you don't have oneNathan Fritz
2010-03-26changed license to MITsleek-0.9RC10.9RC1Nathan Fritz
2010-01-29fixed unicode problems in 2.6Nathan Fritz