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2015-08-23Add SOCKS5 Bytestream examples.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Fix the pubsub_client example.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-08Stop disco_browser and pubsub_client examples once they are finished.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-07-09Fix UnboundlocalError in exampleelya5
2015-07-05Merge pull request #365 from jdowner/stagingMike Taylor
2015-05-25Change to roster migration exampleSteven Roose
2015-05-13Fixed importsJoshua Downer
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2015-04-19XEP-0047: fix examples.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-04-11Merge pull request #313 from mayflower/developMike Taylor
2015-03-25Fixed bug #353 Python3 XEP-0084 errorRichard Kellner
2015-02-28Fix examples relying on the changed APImathieui
2015-02-24Update the documentation and examplesmathieui
2015-02-05Added help for running example..Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-02-05Updated Example..Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-22renamed example for convenience.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-22Boilerplate example.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2014-09-28Remove all deprecated alias in the core of slixmpp, and wherever they were used.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-28Don’t set the wait time to True instead of leaving its float default, in ex...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove all trailing whitespaces.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Move examples from the deprecated optparse to argparse, and remove the redund...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Import getpass from getpass, instead of using getpass.getpass everytime.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove (usually) useless comments in examples about OpenFire and how to verif...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Reintroduce XMLStream.process, making it run the asyncio event loop.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove threaded from examples’ add_event_handler.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove raw_input usage and other python2 support in examplesEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Set the shebang to python3 everywhere.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-08-23cleanup semicolons, whitespace and mutable default argumentsRobin Gloster
2014-08-18Revert "cleanup semicolons, whitespace and mutable default arguments"Robin Gloster
2014-08-18cleanup semicolons, whitespace and mutable default argumentsRobin Gloster
2014-07-21Clean a new bunch of stufFlorent Le Coz
2014-07-17Rename to slixmppFlorent Le Coz
2014-01-21Examples fixesAnton Ryzhov
2013-09-20Chmod +x examples, and add shebang linesLance Stout
2013-09-05Merge branch 'xep_0323_325' of git:// int...Lance Stout
2013-09-03first functional IoT_TestJoachim Lindborg
2013-06-22Add roster migration exampleLance Stout
2013-03-29Fix some errors in the IBB plugin.Lance Stout
2013-02-25Merge branch 'develop'Lance Stout
2013-02-22Don't use internally deprecated methodsAnton Ryzhov
2013-02-08Enable force_registration in the register account example.Lance Stout
2013-02-08Add option to XEP-0077 plugin to force registration attempts.Lance Stout
2013-01-20Updated XEP-0199 to take and return standardized values.Lance Stout
2012-10-31Turns out not all data is UTF-8, so don't try to decode it.Lance Stout
2012-10-24added setdefaultencoding method so reload(sys) not neededPaul Molodowitch
2012-08-07Fix disco browser example to handle errors.Lance Stout
2012-07-25Add example for setting an avatar.Lance Stout
2012-07-22Add XEP-0133 support, which just makes the appropriate XEP-0050 calls.Lance Stout
2012-07-20Add example for retrieving avatars.Lance Stout