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2012-05-16Spell thirdparty correctly.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Remove extra connection info so that examples run without modification.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Add more documentation to the custom stanza examples.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Added custom_stanza exampleErick PĂ©rez Castellanos
2012-05-06Update other examples to use threaded mode for handlers that call disconnect()Lance Stout
2012-05-06Update to call disconnect() from a threaded handler.Lance Stout
2012-03-20Merge remote-tracking branch 'hansent/master' into developLance Stout
2012-03-19Fix error in the registration example.Lance Stout
2012-03-18Add example for using user location.Lance Stout
2012-03-16Add pubsub examples.Lance Stout
2012-03-10Add support for XEP-0118.Lance Stout
2012-01-31examples: fix rpc examples. __init__ method was wrongly named "__init" causi...Thomas Hansen
2012-01-24Fix a few typos.Lance Stout
2012-01-23Revert the X-GOOGLE-TOKEN mech to not perform HTTP requests.Lance Stout
2012-01-19Add basic start for a client side XEP-0077 plugin.Lance Stout
2012-01-18Fix merge errors and bot example.Lance Stout
2012-01-18Merge branch 'docs' into developLance Stout
2012-01-05Apply Te-Je's MUC guide patch.Lance Stout
2012-01-05Update doc settings to new theme, add examples, use 1.0Lance Stout
2012-01-02Merge pull request #132 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2012-01-02Fix a typo in several files.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Merge pull request #131 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2011-12-31Remove unused import.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Ask interactively for missing command line arguments.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Remove unused imports in the examples.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-31Add missing import.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-30Merge pull request #130 from rhcarvalho/masterLance Stout
2011-12-30Update examples to use the block'' argument instead of the deprecated threade...Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-12-30Replace pydns with dnspython in the comments of the examples.Rodolfo Carvalho
2011-11-19Tidy up logging calls.Lance Stout
2011-11-20This change stops sleekxmpp from spending huge amounts of time unnecessarily ...Vijay Pandurangan
2011-11-18Remove the config_component example in favor of echo_component.sleek-1.0-RC31.0-RC3Lance Stout
2011-11-17Add echo component example.Lance Stout
2011-08-23Remove extra debugging code that made it into a commit.sleek-1.0-RC11.0-RC1Lance Stout
2011-08-18Update examples to work with Python3 (raw_input vs input)Lance Stout
2011-08-18fixed manual address definitionNathan Fritz
2011-08-18Add an example for dumping the roster to the command line.Lance Stout
2011-08-17Add guide for sending a message and then disconnecting.Lance Stout
2011-08-13More documentation!Lance Stout
2011-08-13Update XEP-0050 to use new IQ exceptions.Lance Stout
2011-08-10Merge branch 'develop' of into developNathan Fritz
2011-08-10added send_client exampleNathan Fritz
2011-07-27Add support for HTTP Proxy connections.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Left too much unlrelated code in example.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Added new XEP-0050 implementation.Lance Stout
2011-03-23Tidy up the examples.Lance Stout
2011-02-11Updated XEP-0199 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-02-10added option to return false on ping error, added ping exampleNathan Fritz
2011-01-13Added examples.Dann Martens
2010-12-16Updated echo_client example to mention SSL options.Lance Stout