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2012-05-22Add better certificate handling.Lance Stout
2012-04-09Update with the latest plugins.Lance Stout
2012-03-18Add initial support for XEP-0198 for stream management.Lance Stout
2012-03-11Add support for XEP-0108: User Activity.Lance Stout
2012-03-11Expand support of XEP-0172 (user nickname) to include PEP.Lance Stout
2012-03-10Add support for XEP-0107, User Mood.Lance Stout
2012-03-10Add support for XEP-0080.Lance Stout
2012-03-10Add support for XEP-0118.Lance Stout
2012-03-08Fix to include the rosterver stream feature plugin.Lance Stout
2012-02-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'whooo/master' into developLance Stout
2012-02-02Initial, mostly working XEP-0047 plugin.Lance Stout
2012-02-02Added plugin for XEP-0184Erik Larsson
2012-01-19Add basic start for a client side XEP-0077 plugin.Lance Stout
2012-01-11update_caps() can now do presence broadcasting.Lance Stout
2012-01-09Fix Unicode issue with README.rstLance Stout
2011-11-08Use setuptools if available.Lance Stout
2011-09-01Tweak, and bump dev version to RC3.Lance Stout
2011-08-24Clean and get working once and for all.Lance Stout
2011-08-18Update README (renamed to README.rst so Github will render it)Lance Stout
2011-08-12Include new XEP-0004 directories in setup.pyLance Stout
2011-08-12Missing commas in setup.pyLance Stout
2011-08-12Merge branch 'develop' into rosterLance Stout
2011-08-06Fix XEP-0078 using the new stream feature workflow.Lance Stout
2011-08-05Update the info in setup.pyLance Stout
2011-08-04Make sure has all of the plugins.Lance Stout
2011-08-04Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2011-08-04Merge branch 'develop' into rosterLance Stout
2011-08-04Clean up and unify tostring once and for all.Lance Stout
2011-08-04Sadly, dateutil is not actually part of the standard lib.Lance Stout
2011-08-03the great xep_0060 re-organization in preperation for rewriteNathan Fritz
2011-08-03Merge branch 'stream_features' into developLance Stout
2011-08-03updated to include stream features pluginsNathan Fritz
2011-08-03started transition to xep_0060 rewriteNathan Fritz
2011-08-03Integrate a modified version of Dave Cridland's Suelta SASL library.Lance Stout
2011-06-18Added roster package to setup.pyLance Stout
2011-04-08Make use sleekxmpp.__version__Lance Stout
2011-03-24Added new implementation for XEP-0086.Lance Stout
2011-03-24Added new XEP-0050 implementation.Lance Stout
2011-03-22Updated XEP-0128 plugin to work with the new XEP-0030 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-02-24Updated the XEP-0085 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-02-11Updated XEP-0199 plugin.Lance Stout
2011-02-05fixed mergeNathan Fritz
2011-01-13Updated to include XEP-0009.Dann Martens
2011-01-12Fix and typo bugs.Lance Stout
2011-01-11Update with latest plugin packages.Lance Stout
2010-12-16Need to update with new XEP-0030 packages.Lance Stout
2010-10-16Fixed to use py_modules in the setup call.Lance Stout
2010-10-14deprecated jid, fulljid, server, user, resource properties and added boundjid...Nathan Fritz
2010-10-14fixed socket name collision in and fixed python 3.x compatibilityNathan Fritz
2010-10-13new state machine in placeNathan Fritz