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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-17Rename to slixmppFlorent Le Coz
2014-02-07fixed setRole function, the check where made against 'affiliation' values, no...Allan Simon
2014-01-31close #276, now we trigger 'groupchat_message_error' and muc::ROOM::messag...Allan Simon
2013-11-06Added a MUC method 'setRole'. Change role property of a nick in a room, usefu...juanrmn
2013-02-25Merge branch 'develop'Lance Stout
2013-02-22Don't use internally deprecated methodsAnton Ryzhov
2013-02-10Remove old_* plugins.Lance Stout
2012-10-05Fix empty namespaces in XEP-0045 plugin.Lance Stout
2012-08-07Save a user's chosen, persistent nickname in the MUC roster data as 'alt_nick'Lance Stout
2012-07-26Fix logging statement for MUC invitations.Lance Stout
2012-05-14Add MUC events for room configuration changes.Lance Stout
2012-04-03Fix MUC invite events so that they actually work.Lance Stout
2012-03-12Remove extra logging statement, add backward compatible references.Lance Stout
2012-03-12Move XEP-0045 to new system.Lance Stout
2011-11-19Tidy up logging calls.Lance Stout
2011-11-20This change stops sleekxmpp from spending huge amounts of time unnecessarily ...Vijay Pandurangan
2011-10-10Fix MUC methods to optionally specify the sending JID.Lance Stout
2011-10-04Fix missing import statement.Lance Stout
2011-08-17Update plugins that use Iq stanzas to work with new exceptions.Lance Stout
2011-01-27xep_0045: fix the 'to' value when configuring roomFlorent Le Coz
2010-12-16Fixed specifying 'from' values in XEP-0045 plugin.Lance Stout
2010-12-16Added MUC invite handler to XEP-0045 plugin.Lance Stout
2010-12-16Use boundjid in plugins instead of the deprecated accessors.Lance Stout
2010-11-10Add a groupchat_subject eventFlorent Le Coz
2010-11-06Logging no longer uses root logger.Lance Stout
2010-10-17Default history is 0Florent Le Coz
2010-10-17MUC leave message and MUC history requestFlorent Le Coz
2010-09-23added room events for specific rooms, added buildForm to xep_0004 pluginNathan Fritz
2010-07-20Upated xep_0045 to use old_0004 for now.Lance Stout
2010-07-20Updated license notices to use the correct MIT format. Also corrected referen...Lance Stout
2010-07-19stanza should not have setValues/getValues because that conflicts with attrib...Nathan Fritz
2010-07-19Condensed all of the stanzaPlugin functions into a single registerStanzaPlugi...Lance Stout
2010-05-12fixed a rather large memory leakNathan Fritz
2010-05-11refactored presence tracking and fixed jidInRoomNathan Fritz
2010-04-07replaced usage of deprecated iq result on send. Fixed old send result to use ...Nathan Fritz
2010-03-26fixed bug #7 -- muc roster leakNathan Fritz
2010-03-04added muc functionalityNathan Fritz
2010-01-20unhandled iq's should only respond to errors when type=get/setNathan Fritz
2009-12-17* fixed many stanza bugsNathan Fritz
2009-09-25bugfixesNathan Fritz
2009-09-01* fixed some python3 transition bugsNathan Fritz
2009-08-31* converted sleekxmpp to Python 3.xNathan Fritz
2009-06-03moved seesmic branch to trunkNathan Fritz