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2015-09-14Add plugin supportRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Add pluginRobert Robinson
2015-09-14Working through test case issues.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Initial cut at getting the stanzas to work.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Fix xep_0050 changes after form refactor.Robert Robinson
2015-09-14Force forms and fields to use plugin resolutionRobert Robinson
2015-07-05Merge pull request #366 from jdowner/develop-iot-cleanupMike Taylor
2015-07-05Merge pull request #370 from jdowner/develop-jidMike Taylor
2015-07-05Merge pull request #380 from anirudh-chhangani/XEP-0096-add-hash-paramMike Taylor
2015-07-03Added **kwargs to ClientXMPP, BaseXMPP and XMLStream so that certfile, keyfil...Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-06-18add hash param to file metadataAnirudh
2015-06-05Fixed typo.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-05-28Removed duplicate propertyJoshua Downer
2015-05-14xep-0323: removed deadcodeJoshua Downer
2015-05-14xep-0323: spellingJoshua Downer
2015-05-14xep-0323: unused importJoshua Downer
2015-05-01Misc updates for send_error()Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-05-01data need not be prefixed with http..Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-04-29Prefixed request, response and data with http. Avoided (plugin_attrib) name c...Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-04-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into xep_0332Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-04-11Merge pull request #187 from ekini/xep_0138Mike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #316 from rakoo/developMike Taylor
2015-04-11bump to version v1.4Mike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #313 from mayflower/developMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #297 from keith-gray-powereng/developMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #329 from FlySnake/send_queue_overflowMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #328 from FlySnake/developMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #331 from mathieui/developMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #348 from gribouille-dev/tor_fixesMike Taylor
2015-04-11Merge pull request #349 from mulog1990/ssl-version-fixMike Taylor
2015-03-25Fixed bug #353 Python3 XEP-0084 errorRichard Kellner
2015-03-10ssl-version not passed to wrap_socket, fixedmulog1990
2015-03-09Makes XEP-0009 compatible with Python 3 while maintaining compatibility with ...C├ędric Souchon
2015-02-05misc updates..Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-02-03Raise http_request and http_response events.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-29Composing request and response.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-28Added callbacks, registered stanzas, added features, etc.Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-27Boilerplate for Stanzas - request and responseSangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-22Boilerplate for xep_0332Sangeeth Saravanaraj
2015-01-22added xep_0332 to pluginsSangeeth Saravanaraj
2014-12-11Fix the element name for retrieving certs in XEP-0257mathieui
2014-11-27In queues added option to remove first element on addind new if queue isOleg Antonyan
2014-11-23On initial connect use delay if connection failedOleg Antonyan
2014-11-09Typo fix of parameter name 'data' it is now 'iq's-m-b
2014-09-09Merge branch 'develop' of into developLance Stout
2014-09-09Preserve ID for error responsesLance Stout
2014-08-30Extend AtomEntry capabilitiesMatthieu Rakotojaona
2014-08-25Fix saslprep on the usernameFlorent Le Coz
2014-08-23fix args, kwargs which were broken with #310. this is essentially the same bu...Robin Gloster
2014-08-23cleanup semicolons, whitespace and mutable default argumentsRobin Gloster