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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-19Fix a bug in the 0202 plugin where a time result would send back a resultmathieui
2019-09-10Match the sender JID as well as the queryid in MAM resultsmathieui
2019-09-10Add typing/docstring in the MAM pluginmathieui
2019-09-08Added amount parameter, so that limit on the msgs received per query can be c...root
2019-08-28Revert "Remove a block of compatibility code"Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-26Remove a block of compatibility codemathieui
2019-08-25fix a typo in the invalidjid exception name casemathieui
2019-08-23basexmpp: Make origin-id opt-outMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-23Implement origin-id (XEP-0359)Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-23Assign True to the 'before' tag if it's value is None (eg:at the start no msg...root
2019-08-23Removed before tag. (Code for setting it is already there)root
2019-08-23Removed assigning 'reverse' value to the 'before' tag (It's value is set in x...root
2019-08-12Added <before> tag for querying messages before a stanza-id.Madhur Garg
2019-08-03xep_0030: add docstring to get_info_from_domainMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-01Remove the last instances of a block argument to iq.send().Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2019-08-01Merge branch 'mam' into 'master'Link Mauve
2019-08-02Removed 'block' from set_preferences as it was giving a TypeError while sendi...Madhur Garg
2019-07-22Merge branch 'mam' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2019-07-18Added a function to get current MAM preferences.Madhur Garg
2019-07-16xmlstream/stanzabase: remove unused interfaces and types attributesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-07-14Do not add disco#info for occupantid, it’s a server thingmathieui
2019-07-14Add the occupant id stanza elementsmathieui
2019-07-13Initial commit for reactions protoxepmathieui
2019-07-13Make generated stanza id truly randomMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-07-03xmlstream.disconnect: add compat behaviour, set wait to default `2.0` when Tr...Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-07-03Added 'reverse' argument.Madhur Garg
2019-07-03Added 'reverse' parameter in mam and rsm pluginsMadhur Garg
2019-05-07Revert part of previous commit. Return NotImplemented when object is not a va...Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-05-07jid: return not equal if value can't be converted to JIDMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mr/13'Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-24xmlstream.disconnect: fix frenchism in docstringMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-24xmlstream.disconnect: typing hintsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-24presence: Ensure <show/> value is valid when returned as presence @type valueMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-24xep_0045: Ensure <show/> value is valid.Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-14Fixes #3432. Allow execute to be used with the meaning of 'next'.adhoc-execute-nextMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-14xep_0050: Fix indentationMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-07slixmpp/jid: add typesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-07Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Maxime Buquet
2019-04-06xep_0202: Fix plugin_init docstringMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-06Fixes poezio/poezio#3472: Don't remove TZ in 0202 utc tagMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-04-03poezio/poezio#3472: Ensure tz is correctly set when offset is an intMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-03-26mark end-of-stream as session-ending eventGeorg Lukas
2019-03-26XEP-0199: use new 0-timeout reconnect() with reasonGeorg Lukas
2019-03-26Do not directly enqueue connect() as event handler, parameter mismatchGeorg Lukas
2019-03-26Do not close stream on 0-timeout disconnect, allows 0198 resumeGeorg Lukas
2019-03-26Propagate disconnect() reason into 'disconnected' eventGeorg Lukas
2019-03-23Partially fix poezio/poezio#3452. Prevent `groupchat_subject` from triggered ...Maxime “pep” Buquet
2019-03-15Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'mathieui
2019-03-05xep_0030: fix typo on 'remote' in get_info docstringMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-02-23xep_0380: Add add_eme methodMaxime “pep” Buquet