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2012-11-12Added gevent as parameter to testall checking test suite with geventPedro Vicente
2011-08-25Fix tests in Python3.Lance Stout
2011-08-24Clean and get working once and for all.Lance Stout
2010-10-20capture SIGHUP and SIGTERM (windows) and disconnect; also testall no longer l...Nathan Fritz
2010-08-03temporary disabled testall methodlength until pep-8 conversion is doneNathan Fritz
2010-07-26Fix shebang line for testall.pyLance Stout
2010-01-29fixed issue with unicode in 3.xNathan Fritz
2010-01-29fixed unicode problems in 2.6Nathan Fritz
2010-01-23fixed presence['type'] w/ show value bug and added test to proveNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* added testsNathan Fritz