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2014-09-28Remove all deprecated alias in the core of slixmpp, and wherever they were used.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove all trailing whitespaces.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Always use OrderedDict from collections, and remove its implementation in sli...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-09-01Remove sys.version_info checks for python2 and clean some imports.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-07-17Rename to slixmppFlorent Le Coz
2014-02-06Get the IoT plugins to pass tests on Py3sleek- Stout
2014-02-06Add test for wrong sender in IQLance Stout
2013-09-12ElementTree._escape_cdata isn't reliable across Python versions.Lance Stout
2013-09-12Merge pull request #254 from barreverte/developLance Stout
2013-09-05Merge branch 'xep_0323_325' of git:// int...Lance Stout
2013-08-30First implementation of the xep_0323 and xep_325 used in IoT systems. Tests a...Joachim Lindborg
2013-07-30tostring.escape : optimizationJean-Philippe Caruana
2013-07-26refactor: no import * in testsJean-Philippe Caruana
2013-06-29Adjust get_roster to always return, even with invalid JIDsLance Stout
2013-06-19Add test for nodeprep idempotency after explicitly using Unicode 3.2Lance Stout
2013-05-17First test stanzaJoachim Lindborg
2013-03-28Remove `roster_received` eventAnton Ryzhov
2013-03-11Prevent race condition in pubsub test.Lance Stout
2013-02-25Merge branch 'develop'Lance Stout
2013-02-22Don't use internally deprecated methodsAnton Ryzhov
2013-02-14Resolve most Python3.3 related issues.Lance Stout
2013-01-26Get tests to pass again.Lance Stout
2013-01-20Update tests for XEP-0092Lance Stout
2012-10-31Relax timing issues in Iq timeout callback test.Lance Stout
2012-10-31Allow IQ timeouts to be asynchronous, by passing a timeout_callback parameter...Joe Hildebrand
2012-10-31Turns out not all data is UTF-8, so don't try to decode it.Lance Stout
2012-09-25Fix RSM testsLance Stout
2012-09-24Simplify stringifying XMLLance Stout
2012-07-24Add support for using CDATA for escaping.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Fix JID validation bugs, add lots of tests.Lance Stout
2012-07-24Add validation for JIDs.Lance Stout
2012-06-22Resolve xml:lang issue with duplicated elements depending on ordering.Lance Stout
2012-06-19Ordering fixes for Python3.3Lance Stout
2012-06-18Add initial support for xml:lang for streams and stanza plugins.Lance Stout
2012-05-05Tidy up and add tests for multi_attrib plugins.Lance Stout
2012-04-30Collapse initial payload to a single stanza instead of a list if only one sta...Lance Stout
2012-04-30Add full support for initial payloads with adhoc commands, plus test.Lance Stout
2012-04-07Prevent roster_update from firing twice after retrieving the roster.Lance Stout
2012-03-27Add tests for bool_interfaces.Lance Stout
2012-03-19Fix unicode issues in test cases for Py3+ introduced by issue #150.Lance Stout
2012-03-19Merge pull request #150 from correl/rpc_value_fixesLance Stout
2012-03-16Expand support for XEP-0184.Lance Stout
2012-03-12Add tests for new plugin manager.Lance Stout
2012-03-10Resolve plugin dependency chains with XEP-0115.Lance Stout
2012-03-07Add tests for roster versioning.Lance Stout
2012-02-19Update XEP-0085 plugin to work with both ElementTree and cElementTreeLance Stout
2012-02-17Updated XEP-0009 to handle unicode stringsCorrel Roush
2012-02-03Add more XEP-0047 tests.Lance Stout
2012-02-03Fix infinite callback loop.Lance Stout
2012-02-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'whooo/master' into developLance Stout