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2010-06-07added documentation for transition_ctx and removed some superfluous comment l...Thom Nichols
2010-06-07added __str__Thom Nichols
2010-06-07context manager now returns a boolean 'result' as the context variable to ind...Thom Nichols
2010-06-07context manager is working but there's a fatal flaw: inside the body of the '...Thom Nichols
2010-06-03added function execution on transition, and more unit tests.Thom Nichols
2010-06-02overhauled state machine. Now allows for atomic transitions.Thom Nichols
2010-06-01Added unit tests for the new XEP-0030 stanza objects. All pass.Lance Stout
2010-06-01added pubsub state stanzas and scheduled eventsNathan Fritz
2010-06-01added test_events and testing new del_event_handlerNathan Fritz
2010-05-14added test for unsolicided unavailable presence and fixed bug to make it passNathan Fritz
2010-04-22forgot to add file required to pass testall.pyNathan Fritz
2010-04-21added pubsub#event stanzas, multi-subtypes iterable stanzas, pubsub#event tes...Nathan Fritz
2010-04-19added pubsub tests and fixed match on iterator errorNathan Fritz
2010-04-14adding tests, fixed stanzapath matching to match keys, fixed pubsub#owner sta...Nathan Fritz
2010-04-07fixed html-im stanza pluginNathan Fritz
2010-04-07added missing docstrings to tests and added deprecated warning to Fritz
2010-03-26added memleak test and attempted to fix presence leakNathan Fritz
2010-01-29added separate tostring filesNathan Fritz
2010-01-15xep 30 and 50 always reply from jid iq sent toNathan Fritz
2010-01-13Completed basic test coverage of xmlns stanzasNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* tests need module fileNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* added testsNathan Fritz
2010-01-08* fixed stanza.keys()Nathan Fritz
2010-01-08* added first stanza testsNathan Fritz